Date: Tuesday, 14 February 2012
Posted by: Cycling Southland


Early Saturday evening 8 teams left the Velodrome on what was to be a three hour, 23km adventure. A mixture of road and mountain bikes, as well as the Strong’s tandem, made for a range of advantages and disadvantages.
Amazing Race

Running around the Surrey Park track or counting railway sleepers,  searching for coins amongst the horse poo in sawdust at the racecourse, swapping tubes from front to rear and vice versa, filling bags of wood chips, counting bird species at the aviary, undertaking a gruelling maths test or shooting hoops at James Hargest and lastly encouraging a bowling ball to land on a target,  combined with many stops at various watering holes to ensure we didn’t become dehydrated and to collect our next clues, made for a hilarious evening of teamwork and sportsmanship (or not as the case may be).  Aaron don’t you know it’s polite to hold a door open for a lady, not drop your shoulder in an attempt to get out first!!)
Amazing Race!
Thanks heaps to Waine and Wendy Harding for organising what I am sure will be the first of many adventures.  Also to their helpers, and those from the junior club who took no bribes and also ensured there was no cheating.  Thanks also to Bruce and Pam Ross and their family for arranging the final destination and organising the supper, which was enjoyed by all after such an energetic evening.  To have three generations of the Ross family showing us how to bowl a ball was enlightening to say the least.

We will all be back next time and will be sure to spread the word.
Amazing Race2
- Helen Presbury 



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