Date: Monday, 08 July 2013
Posted by: Cycling Southland

DonovanRace1The first race of the season began with a mixed reception from the weather gods. To race or not to race would have been the question asked by a few especially at 12:30 when a large nasty weather front decided to dump its contents on Lindsay Tait –Jones (champion STMS) setting up the course.

First day of trailing the new leader board system worked OK I think. There will be some minor changes for the first few races until people get familiar with how it works.

Good numbers first up race, close to town and shorter distance may have been the attraction either way it was good to see so many along. Welcome to the new riders who braved the Southern conditions.

DonovanRace2Five divisions started off at various times and riding varying distances. A little confusion for some people who rode in the wrong bunch and travelled some extra kms! The system works on keeping bunches to an even number which for some would have been in their favour and others who would have had a tougher ride. If it happens to you “take up the challenge” and give it a shot.

Div 1 was dominated by our in-form guns Mat Zeno and Josh Haggerty, they broke clear to leave the rest of the 14-strong field to fight for minor points. Marcel Baird and Nick Kergozou had good form early but faded later on, the old heads of Vaughan Edie and Mike White (who clearly take a while to warm up) took the later points. Results 1st Josh Haggerty 2nd Mat Zenovich 3rd Nick Kergozou, 4th Vaughan Edie, 5th Marcel Baird and 6th Mike White.

Donovan3Div 2 began with a bang - the introduction of junior riders gave some a wakeup call. Tom Sexton was strong through out, he was in all of the sprints. Geoff van Dam and Brendan Akeroyd were also strong. It’s clear that in all divisions that the juniors are going to start of like rockets and the older/wiser riders finishing stronger. Results: 1st Tom Sexton, 2nd Brendan Akeroyd, 3rd Geoff van Dam, 4th Brayden Stephens, 5th Aaron Sinclair, 6th Andrew Holden.

Div 3 was a dominated by four riders who managed to get clear and steal all the points. Everyone else continued to race well amongst themselves with one or two trying to bridge across. Results: 1st Dave Beadle, 2nd Alan Strong, 3rd Bruce Jones, 4th Erin Criglington.

Apologies Div 4 and Div 5 the results I sent into Southland Times weren’t correct!

Donovan4Div 4  youngster Hamish Keast proved that he was worthy of mixing it up with our senior riders, in fact he dominated all the sprints. Other youngsters Emma Cumming and Lucy Timpany fought hard with Grant Toomey and Mark Day for the minor points. Results: 1st Hamish Keast, 2nd Grant Toomey, 3rd Emma Cumming, 4th Lucy Timpany, 5th Mark Day

Div 5 had an even number of junior and senior riders and another up and coming youngster with some good blood lines (Gabbi McLeay) made the most of her superior speed and fought well with Lachlan Graham. Helen McKenzie showed she still has some kick in her legs as well to score some points. Results: 1st Gabbi McLeay, 2nd Lachlan Graham, 3rd Helen McKenzie, 4th Mary Marshall.

Donovan5I hope you all enjoyed the day and you continue to attend our racing!  New leader board will be published Wednesday and don’t forget the time trial coming up as well as the team race. It’s a new concept that I hope you all embrace!

Let’s be safe out there!


Report by our superman Race Manager Waine Harding!

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