Date: Saturday, 13 February 2016

Perfect conditions for the 30 riders who registered for the 64km handicap race held at Woodlands today.

Six groups of riders set off at various times to battle it out.  The time gap of 12min should have been enough going on present riders form, however that wasn’t the case on the day. Only 15km into the distance scratch riders had closed a 3min gap on Break, proving they were out to do some serious damage. Saying that, the majority of the Break riders were able to hang on and offer some assistance to maintain the fast pace. It wasn’t long before they had 2nd break in their sights and chased them down with what looked like relative ease. Up front limit, 2nd limit and mid group were together trying to stay away from the chasing field.

Clearly the chasing group was on a mission this day, coming into the end of the first lap the entire field was together! There were a few who felt like they would never be able to hang on for another 32km and withdrew from the race. Credit to those who stuck in there because with 10km to go they were all still together. The last kilometre was a different story when things got really serious. The field splintered somewhat with Scratch riders Corbin Strong, Fraser Hewett, Luke Macpherson and Brendan Akeroyd really showing their strength to close the gap so quickly.

Pretty sure the rest of the field enjoyed being able to sit on and watch proceedings, others did contribute which proves the level of fitness of our riders is definitely on the rise. Well done to all who rode it was an interesting day.

1st Corbin Strong 1:31:05 (fastest time)
2nd Fraser Hewett ST
3rd Neil Familton ST
4th Alistair Burnett ST
5th Ray Robinson ST

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