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Corporate Pursuit Winners Podium 2010

YMCA Education defended its Harrex Corporate Pursuit title breaking its own record and the Police Five O's in the 2010 final.

YMCA Go Back-To-Back in Corporate Pursuit

27/06/10 - YMCA Education defended its Harrex Corporate Pursuit title breaking its own record in the event’s finals held in Invercargill today. <<read more>>

For final results in easy-to-follow Draw form, click here.

Or if you are into numbers, the full seperated list of results and splits from the Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit Follow (well, all but a full list):

Finals Day Results

Division 1 & 2 Finals <Results> <Splits - Including all Plate Finals' Splits>
Division 1 Quarter/Semi Finals <Results> <Splits>
Division 1 Special Plate (Quarter Final Losers) <Semi Results> <Semi Splits>
Division 1 Plate (Round 1 Losers) <Quarter Results> <Semi Results> <Quarter/Semi Splits>
Division 1 Consolation Plate (Plate Losers) <Semi Results> <Semi Splits>
Division 1 Round 1 <Results Part 1> <Results Part 2> <Splits Part 1> <Splits Part 2>
Division 2 <Quarter Results> <Semi Results> <Quarter/Semi Splits>
Division 2 Special Plate (Quarter Final Losers) <Semi Results> <Semi Splits>
Division 2 Plate (Round 1 Losers) <Quarter Results> <Semi Results> <Final Results> <Splits>
Division 2 Consolation Plate (Plate Losers) <Quarter Results> <Quarter Splits>
Division 2 Round 1 <Results Part 1> <Results Part 2> <Splits Part 1> <Splits Part 2>
Division 2 Qualifiers <Results>

Grading Time Trial Results

<Results> <Splits>


harrex_01Thanks Team

Cycling Southland and Harrex Group would like to send a huge thanks to all those involved in our 2010 Corporate Pursuit.

A record number of teams, record times and record crowd numbers all added together to make this year's event our best ever.

To each of the teams, their supporters, coaches and officials - thank you so much for making the event such a success.

A special thanks also to the huge number of team supporters who got right into the spirit of things and gave us such a great atmosphere in the ILT Velodrome.

We are already looking to next year's event and can't wait for bigger and better thing is 2011.


Latest Corporate Pursuit News 

YMCA Go Back-To-Back in Corporate Pursuit
YMCA Education defended its Harrex Corporate Pursuit title breaking its own record in the event’s finals held in Invercargill today. For the full report click here.

Corporate Pursuit T-Shirts for Sale
Pick up your exclusive, limited edition super-smart Harrex Corporate Pursuit Event T-Shirt, on sale now. <<read more>>

Riders Polish Act for Corporate Finals
A man’s first leg wax is a deeply personal event. Take last night’s Corporate Pursuit wax-off at the ILT Velodrome. Three men, selected by their fellow riders, were the lucky recipients of a free waxing in the buildup to Sunday’s finals. <<read more>>

Finals Day Expected to be Intense
When the dust had cleared after the Corporate Pursuit time trials last Friday night only 0.1sec separated the YMCA Education team and the Police. Both teams had broken the competition record, with defending champions YMCA grabbing the favourites' tag courtesy of their 1min 14.4sec effort. With the Police clocking a 1:14.5, Sunday's finals day is expected to be intense. <<read more>>

Corporate Pursuit Programme for Sunday
The initial draw for Sunday's Corporate Pursuit has been released. See who you are matched up against by <<read more>> 

Adrenalin Rush on the Night Elicits Fine Effort From Rookies
Nathan Burdon describes his Corporate Pursuit debut: It’s a weird feeling walking into the velodrome with a bike rather than a laptop. Usually I’m there to write about other people doing stuff, but this time it was going to be doing rather than describing, a slightly terrifying prospect, to be honest.  <<read more>>

Corporate Pusuit Time Trial Results
The defending champs made a loud statement as the opening shots were fired in the 2010 Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit in the Grading Time Trial held tonight at the ILT Velodrome. <<read more>> 

Final Straight for Corporate Pursuit
After a build-up which seems to have taken on Olympic-like proportions the business end of the 2010 Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit has arrived. <<read more>>

Build Up to Big Corporate Day
The Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit has been a sell out success since the Cycling Southland inaugural event in 2007.  Now in its 4th year running, we have record 34 teams entered to compete, the line up is a mixture of 22 returning local businesses and 12 new competitors. <<read more>>

Scary at first, ultimately enjoyable
Diane Lindsay admits the ILT Velodrome can be an imposing place for the uninitiated.  Nathan Burdon talks to the Corporate Pursuit rookie. Invercargill grandmother of two Diane Lindsay is a member of the Waihopai Health Centre, which will be competing in the event for the first time. <<read more>>

Velodrome Effort Was Worth The Pain
Southland Times Sports Editor and Cycling Southland member Nathan Burdon writes, "The Southland Times team had its second training session for the Corporate Pursuit this week. I missed our first training session because my wife had gone into labour, and have had a dose of the bot since then so was a bit anxious about lapping it out a the velodrome this week. With good reason.  After a series of efforts my legs were all but gone. <<read more>>

Former World Champ's Advice for Corporates
Former World Champion track cyclist, New Zealand and Subway – Avanti Pro Cycling team member Hayden Godfrey shares training tips and advice for teams training for the Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit. <<read more>> 

Training Tips for Corporate Pursuiters
Some simple training tips to assist you and your achieving the best outcome at the Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit Event to be held on the 27th June at the ILT Velodrome. <<read more>> 

From Corporate Pursuit to National Champ
Colin Horton never owned a bike as a kid, now he owns three and has won regional and national medals riding one. <<read more>> 

Team Training Timetable
The full list of team training times for the 2010 event has been confirmed. <<read more>>

Time Trial Start List Now Available
For the 34 confirmed starters in the 2010 Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit the first key date is Friday June 18th for the Grading Time Trial. The start list for this event has now been published. <<read more>>

Record Entries Results in Largest Field in Corporate Pursuit Event History
Record entries have resulted in 33 teams being confirmed in Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit cycling event being held in Invercargill in late June. In  previous  years  a  maximum  of  32  teams  could  enter  the  event  but  organisers  Cycling Southland have increased the field by one to allow for the extra interest. <<read more>>

Business is Brisk in Competitive Pedalling
Cycling Southland's corporate pursuit organisers will decide at the weekend which applications to accept after being oversubscribed for the annual racing event. <<read more>>

Early Interest High in 2010 Corporate Pusuit
Less  than  two  weeks  after  entries  opened,  interest  is  already  high  in  Cycling  Southland's Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit being held in June. <<read more>>


Latest Corporate Pursuit Video

For all the video from the Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit visit our page on YouTube.

NEW VIDEO: Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit TT Aftermath


To Shave or not to shave? That is the question.


Training Preview


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2010 Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit Downloads

Download the Official Race Programme (5.5MB)

Download the Corporate Pursuit Draw for Finals Day

Download the Blox Team Kit Order Form

Click here for the full list of team training times

Click here for Time Trial Start List for Friday 18th June


So What's The Attraction Anyway?

harrex_tonigreenSeem like a lot of work? Why would you want to put yourself through something like this? If these questions are rattling around in your head right now, maybe you should hear from one of our original Corporate Pursuiters.

"What's the attraction of the Harrex Group Corporate Cycling Event? Men in Lycra? Wrong! Not the reason I have decided over the last four years to enter the Corporate Cycling event at the ILT Velodrome at Stadium Southland.

Potential Sarah Ulmer in the making? Also wrong! Unfortunately there's not a hope that will be the reason I join three other from AWS Legal to train under the watchful eyes of Julian Ineson and Neil Cleghorn for five weeks leading up to the time trial and race day.

Time out from the kids? Wrong again. Definetly not the reason I sat in the warm-up area breast-feeding my three month old baby between races and encouraging AWS staff, partners and my family to join the crowd at the Velodrome to watch the racing.

Instead for me, being part of the Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit was mostly about trying something new and being able to utilise the world-class facilities we have in little old Invercargill. The buzz of being out on the track, the adrenaline rush of training, racing in convoy with team mates and the office hype associated with being in a team event rank a close second.

In fact this event is so much fun, I not so secretly maintain my cycling training for months before the event so as not to lose my place to other younger faster staff members. The countdown is on!" - Toni Green


Corporate Pursuit Gallery 

And if that's not convincing enough, check out our Photo Gallery of past Corporate Pursuits. If these fun shots don't convice you, there's nothing more we can do :-)


2010 Event Details 

A time trial event will be held on Friday 18th June 6:00pm -10pm.  Each team will compete against the clock to establish a seeding for the competition on the 27th.

The main event day will begin at 9:30am with a race briefing followed by racing at 10:00am on Sunday 27th June.  The day will run through to approximately 5:00pm. The draw used will be dependent on the entries received.

Following the racing their will be a prize giving and social gathering at the Invercargill Workingmens Club.

As part of your entry fee you will receive:

  • Opportunity to win the champions trophy for your division
  • Opportunity for each team member to take up a subsidised 2010 Cycling Southland membership along with a Bike NZ Centre Licence worth $70 for $40.
  • 6 prize giving tickets which include light refreshments and a complimentary beer, wine or orange juice.
  • Prizes
  • Spot prizes
  • Fitness and skill development
  • Support crew area where your business banner can be displayed
  • Business name in the official programme
  • Personalised coaching sessions
  • Ride on NZ's only indoor international cycling track
  • A photo and certificate 

Race Description

  • The Italian Pursuit is a four member team event. The race is held over 4 laps of the 250m track, a total of 1000m. 
  • Two teams will be on the track at one time.  Each starting and finishing on the opposite sides of the track.
  • The lead rider will ride one whole lap then pull off as the second rider takes over for their whole lap on the front of the team. Next will be the third rider and finally the fourth rider races the last lap. Each rider will complete a whole lap on the front of their team. 
  • Changes will take place between the cones on the respective straights (15m each side of the pursuit line)
  • The time of the team is taken on the final rider crossing the finishing line. 

Rules of the 2010 Harrex Group Corporate Pursuit

  • Entries will only be accepted on the official entry form no later than 5pm Thursday 22nd April 2010. Successful entries will then be invoiced with full payment due no later than Friday 30th April 2010.
  • There are limited places available.  Please indicate on the entry form your teams ranking if entering multiple team entries from your business. If the case arises that we have too many entries a ballot will be held for all the 2nd ranked teams then 3rd ranked teams and so fourth.  There will be a maximum of 32 teams.
  • Multiple team entries must be submitted on official entry forms for each entry.
  • Each competitor must fill in the indemnity form and return with the official entry form.
  • Riders must be employees/employers of the competing company or within the same industry e.g. group of dairy farmers, printing industry or GP's.
  • A team is made up of up to six riders.  No more than three males will be allowed to ride in any one round. 
  • Four members will compete in each round.
  • Teams can change the order of their combination for each round.
  • Riders will use approved track bikes and safety helmets.
  • Teams using the club track bikes can adjust the seat height only.  No other adjustments of the bike can be made.  NO wheel or pedal changes.  Time penalties will be imposed on any team breaching these rules.
  • Teams must attend a minimum of four organised training sessions on the ILT Velodrome.
  • The coach and a team representative are required to attend the information evening on Tuesday 27th April at 7.30pm in the Sarah Ulmer Lounge above the track at the ILT Velodrome. A demonstration of the race and allocation of training times will be part of this evening.
  • Competitors take part at their own risk.
  • Restricted gearing of 81 inch or 48 x 16
  • No disc wheels are permitted.
  • Teams are to follow the instructions of officials and coaches.
  • NZ Junior, Elite Open Men's/Women's Southland track representatives from the past 12 months or current are excluded from the competition.
  • The organisers reserve the right to amend team entries whicha re deemed to be not in the true spirit of the competition.
  • Competitors are to wear the race numbers allocated to them by the organisers

Any other items arising will be dealt with at the discretion of the organising committee

Sier Vermunt and Julian Ineson
Event Managers

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