2011 Results and Report


Individual Medalists from the 2011 Southland Secondary School Road Championships

Above: The Age Category medalists from the 2011 Southland Secondary Schools Road Championships, held at Teretonga Raceway on Sunday.

19/06/2011 - Southland Girls High School broke James Hargest College’s recent strangle-hold on the School Trophy at the Southland Secondary Schools Road Cycling Championships at Teretonga Raceway on Sunday.

Southland Girls’ cyclists collected 41 points across the Individual Time Trial and Road Races to claim the overall title from James Hargest (28 points) and Southland Boys High School (23 points.) Dunstan
High School finished four points clear of Taieri College to claim the Visiting School Trophy.

Individual Category Winners included Abby Rose-Evans (Taieri) and Josh Carpenter (Southland Boys) in the Under 14s, Ffion Muhl (James Hargest) and Lachie McGregor (Otago Boys High) in the Under 15s, Laura Heywood (Southland Girls) and Josh Haggerty (Southland Boys) in the Under 17s and Julia Gorinski (Taieri) and Tom Vessey (Dunstan) in the Under 19s.

Southland Girls Road Cycling squad win the Schools Trophy for 2011McGregor’s victory was mightily impressive as the powerful Otago rider won the Time Trial by more than a minute while Carpenter doubled up for two wins. Heywood anchored the Southland Girls High victory, holding school-mate Libby Bayne at bay to win both events while Josh Haggerty was another to claim wins in both events, out-sprinting Nick Kergozou to the line in a good battle to end the seven-lap road race. Perhaps the most impressive individual performance was left until the last race of the day when Tom Vessey broke away from the Under 19 field midway through the race and stayed away to claim the solo win.

The South Island Championships will be held in Christchurch at Ruapuna Raceway on July 2nd and 3rd.


Under 14 Girls
1. Abby Rose Evans – Taieri College
2. Caitlyn Turner-Scott – Taieri College

Under 14 Boys
1. Josh Carpenter – Southland Boys
2. Hayden Strong – Southland Boys
3. Hamish Beadle – James Hargest

Under 15 Girls
1. Ffion Muhl – James Hargest
2. Mikayla Smith – Southland Girls
3. Grace Buckingham – Southland Girls

Under 15 Boys
1. Lachie McGregor – Otago Boys
2. Liam Haggerty – James Hargest
3. Todd Gorinski – Taieri

Under 17 Girls
1. Laura Heywood – Southland Girls
2. Libby Bayne – Southland Girls
3. Jen Muhl – James Hargest

Under 17 Boys
1. Josh Haggerty – Southland Boys
2. George Blackie – Dunstan
3. Nick Kergozou – Southland Boys

Under 19 Girls
1. Julia Gorinski – Taieri
2. Georgia Timpany – Southland Girls
3. Sarah Tomlinson – James Hargest

Under 19 Boys
1. Tom Vessey – Dunstan
2. Tom Beadle – James Hargest
3. Paddy Daly – James Hargest

Visiting School Trophy – Dunstan High School

Southland Secondary School Trophy – Southland Girls High School

Time Trial Results


Rider Name




Under 14 Girls      
Abby-Rose Evans Taieri 11'18.54 1st
Caitlyn Turner-Scott Taieri 13'13.29 2nd
Under 14 Boys      
Josh Carpenter SBHS 7'38.77 1st
Hayden Strong SBHS 7'57.21 2nd
Hamish Beadle JHC 7'58.91 3rd
Tom Sexton JHC 8'58.82 4th
Caleb Hope JHC 9'05.71 5th
Adam Greer Taieri 9'17.92 6th
Bradley White Taieri 9'22.36 7th
Bailey Clouston Taieri 9'28.00 8th
Jonathon Atfield OBHS 9'32.28 9th
Thomas Cresswell Taieri 9'43.00 10th
Under 15 Girls      
Ffion Muhl JHC 10'03.47 1st
Mikayla Smith SGHS 10'41.35 2nd
Grace Buckingham SGHS 10'52.28 3rd
Under 15 Boys      
Lachie McGregor OBHS 7'11.53 1st
Liam Haggerty JHC 8'12.78 2nd
Todd Gorinski Taieri 9'42.45 3rd
Under 17 Girls      
Laura Heywood SGHS 7'59.57 1st
Libby Bayne SGHS 8'18.52 2nd
Jennifer Muhl JHC 8'20.34 3rd
Sophie McMurdo JHC 8'40.27 4th
Brooke Brazier SGHS 8'43.56 5th
Monikue Raggett JHC 9'03.70 6th
Maddy Familton SGHS 9'05.64 7th
Lee Hodsell SGHS 9'18.04 8th
Keely Sulivan SGHS 9'53.90 9th
Under 17 Boys      
Josh Haggerty SBHS 6'46.04 1st
George Blackie Dunstan 7'08.62 2nd
Nick Kergozou SBHS 7'12.90 3rd
Jeremy Presbury JHC 7'26.46 4th
Daniel Cresswell Taieri 8'04.35 5th
Under 19 Girls      
Julia Gorinski Taieri 13'45.66 1st
Georgia Timpany SGHS 13'48.12 2nd
Sarah Tomlinson JHC 14'30.94 3rd
Paigan Marshall Verdon 14'52.60 4th
Under 19 Boys      
Tom Vessey Dunstan 10'58.73 1st
Tom Beadle JHC 11'54.22 2nd
Marcel Baird JHC 11'56.62 3rd
Paddy Daly JHC 12'29.31 4th
Harrison Steedman Wakatipu 13'47.55 5th

Road Race Results


Under 14 Girls    
Abby-Rose Evans Taieri 1st
Caitlyn Turner-Scott Taieri 2nd
Under 14 Boys    
Josh Carpenter SBHS 1st
Hamish Beadle JHC 2nd
Hayden Strong SBHS 3rd
Under 15 Girls    
Grace Buckingham SGHS 1st
Mikayla Smith SGHS 2nd
Ffion Muhl JHC 3rd
Under 15 Boys    
Lachie McGregor Otago Boys 1st
Liam Haggerty JHC 2nd
Todd Gorinski Taieri 3rd
Under 17 Girls    
Laura Heywood SGHS 1st
Libby Bayne SGHS 2nd
Jennifer Muhl JHC 3rd
Under 17 Boys    
Josh Haggerty SBHS 1st
Nick Kergozou SBHS 2nd
George Blackie Dunstan 3rd
Under 19 Women    
Georgia Timpany SGHS 1st
Julia Gorinski Taieri 2nd
Sarah Tomlinson JHC 3rd
Under 19 Men    
Tom Vessey Dunstan 1st
Paddy Daly JHC 2nd
Tom Beadle JHC 3rd
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