2014 winners Fonterra

After five years of trying, Fonterra have won the battle of the corporates in Southland, with regard to track cycling.

The Fonterra 1 team won the popular annual corporate team pursuit event yesterday, held at the SIT Velodrome in Invercargill.

Fonterra beat SBS in a tight final, which put them in the top spot out of the 22 teams taking part.

The Fonterra team was made up of Phillipa Swain, Jeff Rooney, Ian Wright, who are all tanker drivers at Fonterra, and Craig Fleming, who is an electrician.

Wright and Rooney know a thing or two about turning the pedals over on a bike, although they have been more used to longer distance racing over tough terrain than what they experienced yesterday.

They both compete in 24-hour mountainbike racing but do enjoy the switch to the short-distance racing on the track.

"It is the totally opposite end of the scale isn't it?" Wright said after the win.

Fonterra have had teams take part in the event for the past five years and for Wright personally it was his fourth year competing.

"It's great to be winning it after trying for three or four years now," he said.

The event is organised by Cycling Southland.

It is a handy fundraiser for the organisation and provides novice cyclists with an ideal chance to use the velodrome.

Cycling Southland have also picked up some riders from the event over the eight years, with some opting to stay involved with the sport.

Speedy Radcliffe and Urology Now entered teams for the first time this year, with Urology Now taking out the division two honours.

Crowe Horwath are the major sponsors of what has been described as the largest world corporate track cycling event. 




Corporate Pursuit winners

View Robyn Jordan's images from 2014 race day here

Dates for the 2014 Crowe Horwath Corporate Pursuit set


Team Event Programme - Sunday 6 July (10am until approx 4.00pm)

Team Elimination Draw

Finals Day Information

Download the 2014 Corporate Pursuit half price membership form here

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List of officials for Time Trial and Main Event

Final Team Lists

View Heat one roller racing results

View Heat two roller racing results                      View Night 2 article courtesy The Southland Times

View Heat three roller racing results

View Finals night roller raacing results

Time Trial Results from 29 June


View the Time Trial Photo Gallery here

Ricoh Time Trial

Rules of the 2014 Corporate Pursuit

  • Entries will only be accepted via the official entry online form no later than 5pm Wednesday 7 May 2014.
  • Successful entries will then be invoiced with full payment due immediately.
  • There are limited places available. Please indicate on the entry form your team's ranking if entering multiple team entries from your business. If the case arises that we have too many entries a ballot will be held for all the 2nd ranked teams then 3rd ranked teams and so forth.
  • Riders must be employees/employers of the competing company or within the same industry e.g. group of dairy farmers, printing industry or health industry, etc.
  • Four members will compete in each race.
  • A team is made up of up to six riders.  No more than three males will be allowed to ride in any one round.
  • Teams can change the order of their combination for each round.
  • Riders will use approved track bikes and safety helmets.
  • No aero helmets are allowed
  • Teams using the club track bikes can adjust the seat height only.  No other adjustments of the bike can be made.  NO wheel or pedal changes.  Time penalties will be imposed on any team breaching these rules.
  • Teams must attend a minimum of four organised training sessions on the Velodrome.
  • The coach and a team representative are required to attend the information evening on Tuesday 13 May,at 7pm in the Sarah Ulmer Lounge above the track at the Velodrome. A demonstration of the race and allocation of training times will be part of this evening.
  • Competitors take part at their own risk.
  • Restricted gearing.  This will equate to a roll out of 6.3metres (51x17, 48x16, 42x14, 39x13).
  • No disc wheels are permitted. No full carbon wheels are permitted.
  • Only wheels with standard spokes are acceptable.
  • All competitors must be 18 years of age or older.
  • All concerns of competitors or support crew must be addressed to the coach of their team who may choose then to address these to the Event Directors.
  • Teams are to follow the instructions of officials and coaches.
  • Any rider who has represented their Centre or country at any national or international track cycling competitions over the past 12 months is excluded from the competition.
  • The organisers reserve the right to amend team entries that are deemed to be not in the true spirit of the competition.
  • Competitors are to wear the race number allocated to them by the organisers.
  • Preferential entries will be given to Southland-based corporate teams.
  • All-comers record teams race under the same gearing as per the corporate pursuit.
  • If for whatever reason a team, once entry has been accepted, withdraws from the event no refund of the entry fee will be necessarily forthcoming.
  • Prize-giving tickets are non refundable.
  • Refunds of entry fees due to cancellation will be at the discretion of the organisers.
  • We agree that organisers and sponsors of this event may use any information given to the organisers for purposes connected with the event and to provide us with details of other products, services and events.
  • We agree to allow any photographic, film or audio likeness to be used by the organisers, sponsors and/or assignees at no cost.
  • We will not hold organisers, officials, sponsors and/or any person involved with the event liable for any loss or injury to person or equipment.
  • Any other items arising will be dealt with at the discretion of the organising committee.
  • View the diagram of how the team sprint rules work

    Correct bike seat hold position on left      Incorrect bike seat hold position on right

    Bike Hold Correct Handling

    Incorrect Bike Hold Position



    Sier Vermunt and Julian Ineson
    Event Directors

    So What's The Attraction Anyway?

    harrex_tonigreenSeem like a lot of work? Why would you want to put yourself through something like this? If these questions are rattling around in your head right now, maybe you should hear from one of our original Corporate Pursuiters.

    "What's the attraction of the Corporate Cycling Event? Men in Lycra? Wrong! Not the reason I have decided over the last four years to enter the Corporate Cycling event at the velodrome at Stadium Southland.

    Potential Sarah Ulmer in the making? Also wrong! Unfortunately there's not a hope that will be the reason I join three other from AWS Legal to train under the watchful eyes of Julian Ineson and Neil Cleghorn for five weeks leading up to the time trial and race day.

    Time out from the kids? Wrong again. Definetly not the reason I sat in the warm-up area breast-feeding my three month old baby between races and encouraging AWS staff, partners and my family to join the crowd at the Velodrome to watch the racing.

    Instead for me, being part of the Corporate Pursuit was mostly about trying something new and being able to utilise the world-class facilities we have in little old Invercargill. The buzz of being out on the track, the adrenaline rush of training, racing in convoy with team mates and the office hype associated with being in a team event rank a close second.

    In fact this event is so much fun, I not so secretly maintain my cycling training for months before the event so as not to lose my place to other younger faster staff members. The countdown is on!" - Toni Green

    Corporate Pursuit Gallery

    And if that's not convincing enough, check out our Photo Gallery of past Corporate Pursuits. If these fun shots don't sway you, there's nothing more we can do :-)

    Ready For Business at Speed? EIS Group were!

    EID Group win 2013 Corporate Pursuit from NZ Police

    Above: EIS Group win the 2013 Crowe Horwath Corporate Pursuit from the NZ Police

    EIS sprinted their way to the Corporate Pursuit title at the SIT Zerofees Velodrome yesterday.

    Competing in the annual Crowe Horwath-sponsored business house cycling challenge for the fourth time, it was the first time the Invercargill electrical firm had won the main event.

    Team spokesman Dean Addie said the core of riders had improved every year.

    "We're very happy, it puts all the hard work into perspective," he said. "Every year we've just got slightly better. It is a great buzz."

    Addie said the EIS team - Carmen O'Connell, Addie, Kate Webster, Brent Webster, Phil Botting, Stu Corry and coaches Scott Milne and Caleb Hope - had overcome a few challenges along the way, including tumbles in training and the withdrawal of a couple of young riders.

    "That's why a fat old fella like me had to be put in there; there were a couple glitches, a few bruises and bumps," he said.

    EIS were the top qualifiers in last Sunday's time trial but they knocked just over 2sec off that time on the way to winning the final with a 1:15.645 over runners-up NZ Police (1:16.848).

    Fonterra, who had earlier been knocked out of contention for the title after a time penalty for a late change, finished third (1:15.207) with a win over the NZ Fire Service 1 team (1:16.369) in the bronze medal ride-off.

    In division two, the Mitre 10 Mega team took the honours with a narrow win over Ricoh in the final. BNZ edged out Amalgamated Builders for third place.

    There was some controversy earlier in the day when the junior team of Emma Cumming, Hamish Beadle, Brayden Stephens and Tom Sexton broke the allcomers record for the four-lap Italian pursuit by about half a second with a 1:09.614.

    That time looked to have been smashed by the all-star combination of Steph McKenzie, Karl Watson, Olympian Eddie Dawkins and his New Zealand men's elite sprint team-mate Tom Beadle with a 1:04.823, but they were disqualified for an early change by Beadle on the final lap.

    Article courtesy of The Southland Times


    Round of 16  |  Finals (Quarters to Finals) |  Consolation Plate (First Round Losers)  |   Consolation Plate Losers  |  Plate (Quarterfinal Losers)


    Round of 16  |  Finals (Quarters to Finals) |  Consolation Plate (First Round Losers)  |   Consolation Plate Losers  |  Plate (Quarterfinal Losers)


    Division 1  |  Division 2


    Time Trial Gallery

    Corporate Pursuit Finals Gallery

    Corporate Pursuit Time Trial Gallery Corporate Pursuit Finals Gallery




    EIS takes time trial win in to finals

    EIS GroupEIS Group will head in to next weekend’s Crowe Horwath Corporate Pursuit Finals as the number one seed after qualifying fastest at yesterday’s Grading Time Trial in Cycling Southland’s annual business track cycling competition. 

    The four-person EIS team covered its 1000 metre Italian pursuit in a blistering 1 minute 17.782 seconds to lead the thirty team field. 

    Less than half a second separated the fastest three teams with NZ Police finishing in second place in 1:18.161 to sneak in front of Fonterra’s 1:18.166 by just five one-thousandths of a second.

    The top sixteen will contest the Division One competition on Sunday with NZ Fire Service’s two teams, Crowe Horwath, Whyte’s Gravel Supplies, ILT Heineken, AWS Legal, Preston Russell Law, YMCA, Environment Southland, Classic Hits, Harrex Group, SBS Bank and Opus International also making the top grade.

    Division Two will feature BNZ, Amalgamated Builders, Ricoh Southland, Westpac, IFS Growth Ltd, Colac Bay Tavern, McIntyre Dick & Partners, Speights Ale House, HW Richardson, South Port, PowerNet, Mitre 10 Mega, Southern District Health Board and Waihopai Health Services.

    Racing will start at SIT Zerofees Velodrome at 9:30am with the focus switching from racing the clock to racing the opponent on the other side of the track. The two division trophies are awarded at the end of an elimination round-robin format with some close racing expected on yesterday’s evidence.

    Entry is just $2 for adults with children free.

    Corporate Pursuit Membership Form


    Place Team Time Speed
    1 EIS GROUP 01:17.8 46.283
    2 NZ POLICE 01:18.2 46.059
    3 FONTERRA MILKING IT 01:18.2 46.056
    4 NZ FIRE SERVICE 1 01:18.7 45.737
    5 CROWE HORWATH 01:20.0 45.015
    6 WHYTES GRAVEL 01:20.2 44.902
    7 ILT HEINEKEN 01:20.3 44.841
    8 AWS LEGAL 01:20.8 44.575
    9 PRESTON RUSSELL LAW 01:20.8 44.569
    10 YMCA 01:21.3 44.297
    11 ENVIRONMENT STHLAND 01:21.7 44.044
    12 CLASSIC HITS 01:21.9 43.973
    13 HARREX GROUP 01:21.9 43.95
    14 SBS BANK 01:22.0 43.926
    15 NZ FIRE SERVICE 2 01:22.2 43.779
    16 OPUS INTERNATIONAL 01:22.9 43.403
    17 BNZ KIWIS CAN FLY 01:23.2 43.247
    18 AMALGAMATED BUILDERS 01:23.4 43.153
    T19 RICOH ROLLERS 01:23.9 42.933
    T19 WESTPAC 01:23.9 42.933
    21 IFS SLUMBER JACKS 01:24.1 42.823
    22 COLAC BAY 01:24.4 42.643
    23 MCINTYRE DICK 01:24.5 42.604
    24 SPEIGHTS ALE HOUSE 01:25.0 42.332
    25 HW RICHARDSON RIDERS 01:26.3 41.704
    26 SOUTH PORT 01:26.4 41.645
    27 POWERNET 01:27.3 41.233
    28 MITRE 10 MEGA 01:27.5 41.148
    29 SOUTHERN DHB 01:28.3 40.78
    30 WAIHOPAI HEALTH 01:33.3 38.574


    Lone Star



    Amalgamated Builders


    27 June - Week 1 Results 
    4 July - Week 2 Results  |  Race report
    11 July - Week 3 Results  |  Race report
    18 July - Week 4 Results  |  Race report


    Event 1:

    Each team will ride over the 500m distance with the top 4 team times going on to ride off in the final. Teams must have at least one female member. Members must be a competitor in the Crowe Horwath Corporate Pursuit.

    Start Order:

    1              Fonterra
    2              AWS Legal
    3              NZ Fire Service 1
    4              ILT Heineken
    5              Speights Ale House
    6              NZ Police
    7              OPUS International Consultants
    8              EIS

    Event 2:

    The top 4 females from the 5th-8th team final times will race off for 5th-8th female 

    Event 3:

    The top 4 males from the 5th-8th team final times will race off for5th-8th male 

    Event 4 - Team Finals:

    Each of the fastest 4 teams to ride off over the 500m distance.  

    Start Order: 4th qualifier, 3rd qualifier, 2nd qualifier, fastest qualifier

    Event 5 - Women's Individual Final:

    The top 4 females from the team final times will race off for 1st-4th female 

    Event 6 - Men's Individual Final:

    The top 4 males from the team final times will race off for 1st-4th male


















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