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Lone Star-Speights Roller Racing Final Champions on Fire - Roller Racing Final Results

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Lone Star-Speights Roller Racing finalists established - Roller Racing Round 3

Lawyers Set the Benchmark - Roller Racing Round 1 Results

Powerful Demonstration from Whytes Gravel - Roller Racing Round 2 Results

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So What's The Attraction Anyway?

Seem like a lot of work? Why would you want to put yourself through something like this? If these questions are rattling around in your head right now, maybe you should hear from one of our original Corporate Pursuiters.

"What's the attraction of the Corporate Cycling Event? Men in Lycra? Wrong! Not the reason I have decided over the last four years to enter the Corporate Cycling event at the velodrome at Stadium Southland.

Potential Sarah Ulmer in the making? Also wrong! Unfortunately there's not a hope that will be the reason I join three other from AWS Legal to train under the watchful eyes of Julian Ineson and Neil Cleghorn for five weeks leading up to the time trial and race day.

Time out from the kids? Wrong again. Definetly not the reason I sat in the warm-up area breast-feeding my three month old baby between races and encouraging AWS staff, partners and my family to join the crowd at the Velodrome to watch the racing.

Instead for me, being part of the Corporate Pursuit was mostly about trying something new and being able to utilise the world-class facilities we have in little old Invercargill. The buzz of being out on the track, the adrenaline rush of training, racing in convoy with team mates and the office hype associated with being in a team event rank a close second.

In fact this event is so much fun, I not so secretly maintain my cycling training for months before the event so as not to lose my place to other younger faster staff members. The countdown is on!" - Toni Green

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