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The Cycling Southland AGM will take place on Monday, 25 July. Further information to follow.

2021 Club Survey

A summary of the results of our recent club survey can be found here.

2022 AGM Details


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 25th July 2022, at 7pm, in the Legends Lounge 1, ILT Stadium Southland.


Documents relating to the 2022 Cycling Southland AGM can be found by following the links below:
2022 AGM agenda
2022 Annual Report
2022 Nominee biographies
2021 AGM minutes
2022 Nomination form
2022 Proxy form - please note that this needs to be delivered to the Cycling Southland office by 12 noon on 21st July 2022 at the latest.
2022 Executive Committee Member position description

The current club positions are held by:


Nicola McAra (elected for two-year term in 2020)

Vice President

David McCormick (elected for two-year term in 2021)

Executive Board

Andrew Holden (elected for two-year term in 2020)

Brendon McLeod (elected for two-year term in 2021)

Ellen Langley (appointed for two-year term in 2020)

Megan Clark (appointed for two-year term in 2020)

Kathryn McLachlan (appointed for two-year term in 2021)


Erin Criglington (elected)

Sid Cumming (elected)

Brendon McLeod (appointed)

Club Captain

Nicola Stevens (elected)

Senior Road Convenor

Andrew Lienert

Junior Road Convenor

Richard McIvor

Track Convenor

Gerald Patterson


Tony Ineson


  1. Nominations are sought for the following positions. These should be made on the prescribed form and submitted to the General Manager by no later than 5pm, Friday 8th July 2022.


Two (2) Executive Board positions for a two-year term; and
One (1) Executive Board positions for a one-year term

Three (3) Selectors for a one-year term

All nominees must be bona fide financial members and eligible to vote as per the Cycling Southland constitution. If insufficient nominations are received or if the nominations received are rejected, additional nominations may be called for by the chair of the meeting.

In addition, we are also seeking nominations for the following club roles. Note that we will accept nominations and votes from all club members for the following roles as they fall outside of the constitution. See below for descriptions of these roles.

One (1) Club Captain

Two (2) Junior Club Captains

One (1) Track Convenor

One (1) Senior Road Convenor

One (1) Junior Road Convenor

All are all for a one-year term.

Nominations may be forwarded to the General Manager on the form attached to this notice.



  1. General Business

Any remits/notices of motions should also be submitted by 5pm, Friday 8th July 2022 to the General Manager.

  1. Life Membership

Pursuant to clause 15 of the Cycling Southland constitution, the club at an Annual General Meeting, may elect as a Life Member, subject to notice of motion having been presented in accordance with rule 10.3 any person who has rendered distinguished service to the club, provided that such person has completed ten (10) years minimum service.

Nominations for Life Membership must be received by the General Manager no later than 5pm, Friday 8th July 2022.

Club Role Descriptions

Club Captains (Senior x 1 and Junior x 2)

  • Acts as an advocate for club members
  • Arranges club activities – e.g., club meetings, fundraising, club events, working bees – club stuff! From time to time arranges club kit and hoodie orders
  • Supports junior club captains (counterparts to senior club captain)

Senior Road Convenor

  • In conjunction with the Road Racing sub-committee sets and manages the road racing programme
  • Holds regular meetings with the Road Racing sub-committee
  • Works closely with the office in respect to obtaining approved traffic plans and communicating the road racing programme so it can be promoted to club riders
  • Reviews traffic management plans and circuits at least annually with respect to ongoing improvement and ensuring health and safety of riders is paramount
  • Ensures race managers are organised for each road race and they are aware of their role and responsibilities including conducting a safety briefing
  • Arranges STMS for each club race and ensures the appointed race manager on the day works closely with STMS to ensure the TMP is accurately executed
  • Manages and enforces the road racing rules etc.
  • Secures sponsors for race and management 

Junior Road Convenor

  • Acts as counterpart to Senior Road Convenor
  • Member of Road Racing sub-committee
  • Sets handicaps for junior riders as required for races
  • Provides input into road racing programme and sets suitable distances and courses for junior races
  • Co-ordinates with the assigned Race Manager to ensure junior races are run safely
  • Monitors performance of all juniors and moving juniors between grades with consultation between parents and Senior Road Convenor as necessary
  • Updates the junior road racing criteria as required – submits list for publishing on CS website

Track Convenor

  • Equivalent of the road convenors
  • Organises weekly club racing etc.  

Selectors – Road and Track (3 required)

  • Executes the requirements of the selection policy and procedure
  • Attends as many local/regional/national events as possible
  • Communicate with the people such as coaches as they deem necessary and appropriate for each code
  • Provides regular updates to national selectors of outstanding performances
  • Aims to provide a transparent and fair process for all applicants seeking selection
  • Reviews and make recommendations for appropriate updates to CS selection policy as appropriate

2021 AGM

The 2021 Cycling Southland Annual General Meeting took place in the Legends Lounge, ILT Stadium Southland, on 26 July 2021.
The annual report can be found here, and the 2021 AGM minutes here.

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