2018 Architecture Unlimited Corporate Pursuit

Important Dates

Team Track Bookings Schedule 

Please note there are also sessions available for individual training times - $8 per rider or use a concession card (contact Milly at the office to arrange one of these for you or your team)
Mondays 6-7pm Presidents Convoy
Tuesdays and Fridays 12-1pm Lunch Roll
Wednesdays 6-7pm Track Start
Sundays 11am-1pm Wet weather rec ride

2018 Corporate Pursuit Rules

Everything you need to know about the Corporate Pursuit

Team Kit Order Form  PDF
Team Kit Order Form Word doc

Race Description

  • The Italian Pursuit is a four member team event. The race is held over 4 laps of the 250m track, a total of 1000m
  • Two teams will be on the track at one time.  Each starting and finishing on the opposite sides of the track
  • The lead rider will ride one whole lap then pull off as the second rider takes over for their whole lap on the front of the team. Next will be the third rider and finally the fourth rider races the last lap. Each rider will complete a whole lap on the front of their team. 
  • Changes will take place between the cones on the respective straights (between the pursuit line and a cone placed 15metres beyond). The following riders’s front wheel may not overlap the leading rider’s rear wheel until they are in this zone. The leading rider must have left the sprinter’s lane before the 15 metre cone.
  • The time of the team is taken on the final rider crossing their pursuit line.


All-comers Record Attempt

Each year our Corporate Pursuit race day is open to teams wishing to challenge the All-comers record attempt.
Teams ride the same gearing as the Corporate Pursuit teams - 81 inches but they are allowed facy wheelers, aero helmets and the likes. Just notify the office with your team names before the event to ensure your crew can try for the record. It currently sits at 1.06.540 - set by Corbin Strong, Mitchel Fitzsimons, Conor Shearing and Sophie Bloxham in 2018.  Entry is free.

2018 Entry Form

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