Stonewood Homes Gore to Invercargill Classic

Stonewood Homes 74km Handicap - Saturday 6th April 2019
Great prize money on offer! 

Junior ride option included - see detaiils below

Rider registration in Gore Town & Country Club car park, Bury Street, Gore from 12.45pm.

- Race starts at 1.30pm

- Rider entry fee: $20.00

- Race finishes on Racecourse Road, opposite the Ascot Raceway entrance at 3.30pm (approx).

- Presentations immediately follow the conclusion of the race

- No following vehicles will be allowed passed the peloton once riders reach back of Woodlands. Vehicles wishing to make the finish should detour on to SH1 via Woodlands.

- Vehicles following the race are requested to have headlights on low beam and no hazard lights.

Please note the 74km Classic is restricted to U19 and above.

Course Map - Click Here


Junior ride option included - 25km Handicap

Commencing from the Morton Mains-Seaward Downs-Rimu Road, following the course of the open race.
1.30pm Report for 2pm start.

- Race entry fee: $10.00
- Race finishes on Racecourse Road, opposite the Ascot Raceway entrance

The event will be followed by the prize giving and a social barbeque at Dave and Joss Beadle's place.

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Gore to Invercargill Classic 2016

Christchurch cyclist Brent Spencer won the 67km Gore to Invercargill Road Classic on Thursday night in sunny Southland weather.

The Pegasus Club B Grade cyclist won the handicap race in a field of 48 riders which started at the Gore Town and Country Club and finished on Racecourse Road in Invercargill.

He started New Zealand's longest running cycling race in the third last group and worked his way with the bunch towards the front of the field, before turning the final corner in second place.

"It was a really good bunch, and obviously in the wind it was easier for us, with no head wind for scratch to catch us heading into Invercargill," he said.

"People started attacking once we hit the highway."

"When we got to the roundabout it was a matter of making sure I was first or second around there."

He then used his sprint skills to power his way across the line first.

Southland's Avanti Isowhey rider Matt Zenovich used the event as a build up for his season when he claimed the fastest time trophy with a time of 1:32:50 after starting from scratch.

Kate Smith claimed the first woman trophy, while Hayden Strong was the fastest junior.

Cycling continues with the New Year Track Carnival on Friday and Saturday night and the Ascot Park Criterium on Sunday from 10:30am.

Full results to come - check out the footage here

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Results from the 2015 Gore to Invercargill Classic

Official Results
1st Grant Colbran 1:55:05
2nd Daryl Haggerty
3rd Shirlene Rollo
4th Wayne MurchlandGore to Invercargill 2011 - Marc Ryan claims the 2011 Classic title
5th Sam Kopae
Fastest time- Justin Stott 1:28:15
Fastest Junior - Tom Sexton 1:34:18

Fastest Female - Gabby Vermunt 1:43:35


View 2014 results


Mid South Canterbury's Nathan Adams claimed the 83rd Gore to Invercargill Road Classic tonight in a bunch sprint finish on Tay Street.

A strong field of 67 lined up in 9 bunches over 38 minutes for the start in Gore, facing blustery headwinds.

After the front three groups came together they were able to stay away and in the end Adams was able to hold off Michael Greaves by a rim to claim the win with Erin Criglington taking third overall.

Scratch marker Cam Karwowski claimed fastest time honours in 1 hour 36 minutes 48 seconds, making up over 32 minutes on the front of the race over the 70km race. Sequoia Cooper took out the Fastest Women title and Josh Haggerty the fastest junior.

Alistair Burnett on the front of a bunchFULL RESULTS

1. Nathan Adams
2. Michael Greaves
3. Erin Criglington
4. Brendan Akeroyd
5. Georgia Timpany
6. Jeff Rooney
7. Laura Heywood
8. Matt Malcolm
9. Tony Wilkins
10. Wally Kopae

Fastest time: Cameron Karwowski

Fastest Junior: Josh Haggerty 

Fastest female: Sequoia Cooper

Brydone Hill Climb: 1. Sam Kopae; 2. Shirlene Rollo; 3. Wayne Murchland

Seaward Downs Hill Climb: 1. Tim Maynard; 2. Michael Greaves; 3. Alistair Green

2013 Results


1 Nathan Adams 2:08:53
2 Michael Greaves  
3 Erin Criglington  
4 Brendan Akeroyd  
5 Georgia Timpany  
6 Jeff Rooney  
7 Laura Heywood  
8 Matt Malcolm  
9 Tony Wilkins  
10 Wally Kopae  
11 Sam Kopae  
12 Max Anderson @ '4
13 Alan Milne  
14 Shirlene Rollo @ '7
15 Tim Maynard @ '10
16 Wayne Murchland @ '12
17 Marty Lohrey @ '14
18 Sequoia Cooper @ 2'55
19 Shane Fletcher  
20 Andy McIntyre  
21 Bruce Jones  
22 Neil Jamieson  
23 Neil Sutherland  
24 Sid Cumming  
25 Justin Evans  
26 Alistair Green @ 4'17
27 Paddy Daly @ 5'52
28 Jordan Gilmore  
29 Cameron Karwowski @ 5'55
30 Bradley Tuhi  
31 Josh Haggerty  
32 Brad Evans  
33 Luke MacPherson @5'58
34 Dillon Bennett  
35 Ant Leathart @ 6'10
36 Andrew Holden  
37 Alan Strong  
38 Brehan Cairns @ 7'01
39 Gary Gardiner  
40 Hamish Presbury  
41 Geoff Keogh  
43 Paul Gough  
44 Garry Smith  
45 Andrew Lienert  
46 Geoff van Dam  
47 Chris Henderson  
48 Mike White  
49 Alistair Burnett  
50 Chad Adair @ 8'24
51 Ian Wright  
52 Sier Vermunt @ 9'12
53 Matt Zenovich  

Fastest Time


1 Cameron Karwowski 1:36.48
2 Brad Tuhi ST
3 Brad Evans ST

Fastest Junior Time


1 Josh Haggerty 1:40.48

Fastest Women's Time


1 Sequoia Cooper 1:55.48
2 Erin Criglington 1:57.53
3 Laura Heywood ST

Brydone Hill Climb


1 Sam Kopae  
2 Shirlene Rollo  
3 Wayne Murchland  

Seaward Downs Hill Climb


1 Tim Maynard  
2 Michael Greaves  
3 Alistair Green  


Dylan Kennett wins the 2012 Gore to Invercargill

17/01/2012 - Junior Worlds representative Dylan Kennett again showed his class in winning a riveting Gore to Invercargill Classic last night.

After giving the front-markers a 30-minute head-start in Gore, Kennett was part of a scratch bunch which bided its time before reeling in the hard-working frontrunners at Kennington - just over five kilometres from the finish.

Barry Harcourt completes the Gore to InvercargillVeteren Barry Harcourt was chasing a record-equalling third Gore to Invercargill title and he was assisted in his cause by Erin Criglington, Shirlene Rollo, Georgia Timpany and Bruce Jenkins who worked well together to stay away.

But when the catch finally came, it came in a rush and ended with an epic sprint finish on Tay Street.

Sequoia Cooper is the first woman home in the Gore to InvercargillTom Scully made his move 200 metres out but in the end Kennett would not be denied, beating home Pieter Bulling and Mark Spessot, with Scully having to be content with third.

Kennett also took out the Fastest Time and Junior Fastest Time to complete a healthy pay-day.

Sequoia Cooper claimed the first woman home from Erin Criglington and Georgia Timpany.



1st - Dylan Kennett, 2nd - Pieter Bulling, 3rd - Mark Spessot, 4th - Tom Scully, 5th - Hamish Tomlinson, 6th - Justin Stott, 7th - Michael White, 8th - Tayla Harrison, 9th - Daniel Ellison, 10th - Brad Tuhi


1st - Sequoia Cooper, 2nd - Erin Criglington, 3rd - Georgia Timpany

Fastest Time

1st - Dylan Kennett, 2nd - Pieter Bulling, 3rd - Mark Spessot

Fastest Junior

1st - Dylan Kennett, 2nd Tayla Harrison, 3rd - Danial Ellison

Brydone Hill Climb

1st - Kylea Gough, 2nd - Shirlene Rollo, 3rd - Barry Harcourt

Seaward Downs Hill Climb

1st - Georgia Timpany, 2nd - Erin Criglington, 3rd - Sarah Tomlinson


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