FEES 2018 Cycling Southland CyclingNZ Total
Supporters $35 - $35
Centre Membership - Cycling Southland $55 - $55
Family Centre membership - Cycling Southland $110 - $110
Ride Club/Centre Membership (This is a minimum CNZ R&T membership) $55 $65 $120
Race Youth $55 $35 $90
Race Senior $55 $100 $155
Race Elite $55 $150 $205

Please note that the total fees are payable to either Cycling Southland or Cycling New Zealand 9via online registration).

Download a 2018 Cycling Southland Ride Free Centre membership form

Download a Cycling New Zealand Ride/Race Licence form (you must have this if you wish to race on the road or track)
Ignore the date on the form and bring it to the office once filled in or scan and send to


Families may choose to take out a Family Membership. All Cycling New Zealand fees must be paid but a family will only be required to pay a maximum of $110 to Cycling Southland. All must be living at the same address.

As $110 has already been incorporated into subscriptions for Under 17 and Under 15 members, mother and father would automatically become a Cycling Southland member without any further payment. If the mother and father were competitive members, the Cycling New Zealand component would only need to be paid.

Payment must be made either by cheque, direct credit or cash to the office.

Any queries please contact us.

Licensing can be completed online click here or via a form through the Cycling Southland office

We have EFTPOS facilities but no credit card processing.



 RIDER FEES 2018 - effective 1 April Rates per hour session
Member with own bike $8
Member with bike hire $14
Non-member with own bike $15
Non-member with bike hire $18
Cyclofit  $5
TRACK HIRE Rates per hour session
Member bookings (no lights) $50
Member bookings (with lights) $60
Casual bookings (non-member no lights) $65
Casual bookings (non-member with lights) $70
Coach Required Track Hire + $28
ERG session $2
Motorbike/derny use $20



A reminder that it is most economically beneficial if you purchase Concession Cards for your sessions - these will work out cheaper per session and you do get 2 sessions free - so pay for 10 and get 12 rides!

Concession cards are available from the office for the following prices:

Junior    (one-hour)                                         $80 
Junior with bike hire (one-hour)                     $90
Junior    (two-hour)                                         $150
Senior   (one-hour)                                         $80                        
Senior with bike hire (one-hour)                    $100      
Senior   (two-hour)                                         $150      
Cyclofit with bike hire                                    $50

EFTPOS is available at the office but no credit cards sorry

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