Being a licenced CNZ member gives riders access to events throughout New Zealand, from club racing to National Championship events.

Primary & Secondary Clubs
You can join as many clubs as you like but can only have one as your primary club.  This is the club you are able to represent at regional and national events.

LICENCE TYPES Cycling Southland CyclingNZ Total
Domestic Licence (eligible to race in club, regional, and national events)
Youth $55 $35 $90
Adult (19+) $55 $65 $120
Family membership * $110    
International Licence (eligible to race in UCI international events overseas, in addition to domestic races)
Youth $55 $90 $145
Adult (19+) $55 $175 $230
Technical Licence      
Domestic/International (non-rider licence) ** $55 $40 $95

* A family will only be required to pay a maximum of $110 to Cycling Southland. All must be living at the same address.  The Cycling NZ portion is additional. The application form can be downloaded here.

** A Cycling NZ Technical Licence caters for Commissaires, Managers, Coaches, Mechanics & Team Staff allowing them to attend events in an official capacity. Holders of a Technical Licence do not automatically become a club member.

Licences can be obtained or renewed at

2020 memberships are valid until 31 December 2020.




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