2022 Memorial Race Classic and Curtis Dunn Memorial

2021 Memorial Race

The Memorial Race Classic and Curtis Dunn Memorial returns on Saturday 24 September. This is one of our most important classics, and celebrates the contributions of past club members to Cycling in Southland. It is also our longest classic, with a 102km route to challenge those taking on the open classic. The juniors taking part in the Curtis Dunn Memorial face a more manageable 16km for the U13 riders, or 34km for the U15/17 riders.

Sign on will take place from 1pm at the Kew Bowling Club for a 1:30pm start. Please bring along a plate to share to the prizegiving at Kew Bowling Club after the race.

The winners in the open classic takes home $200, with prize money paying down to fifth place. There is also $75 each for the fastest male and female riders, as well as other prizes out on course, and trophies for the first riders in each grade as well.

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Memorial Race Open Classic results

memorial race results 1

memorial race results 2
Curtis Dunn Memorial Junior Classic results

junior classic U13

junior classic u15 u17

2021 Memorial Race Classic and Curtis Dunn Memorial

2021 Memorial Race

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Tough conditions greeted participants in Cycling Southland’s annual Memorial Race Classic and Curtis Dunn Memorial on Saturday 25 September.

A good field took to the start line, including visiting riders from Central Otago and Mid Southl Canterbury. Riders in the open handicap event set off from the Kew Bowling Club for a 102 kilometre race that promised to be a true test of grit, with strong wind, rain, and cold making it as much a test of mental as physical strength. With 50 minutes separating the start of the first group from the last group, containing the fastest competitors, it was going to be a long, hard chase for the scratch group if they wanted to get to the line first.

The combination of crosswinds and hills on the course soon saw groups breaking up, with the second group to set off making quick work of taking the lead, and keeping up the pace as they closed in on the finish. However, behind them the second to last group to set off was scything through the field, with Jaxson Whyte, Hendre Knoetze, and Fraser Hewett battling their way up to the front group, and catching them with only a couple of kilometres to go to the line. 

With a tough sprint into a headwind to the finish line, the group of seven riders kept a close eye on one another before opening up the sprint. Whyte hit the front early, with Knoetze on his shoulder, but Whyte proved the stronger of the two as he managed to hang on for the win ahead of Knoetze, with Hewett a bit further back in third.

The fastest time on the day went to Hunter Gough, who managed to outsprint Matt Zenovich for the honour, while Rhylee Akeroyd was the fastest woman.

Whyte said that the race conditions were certainly tough, with crosswinds seeming to come from every direction.

“We rode well together, but over the hills we lost a couple of riders. I did not really have a plan, and I sprinted very early, but managed to hold them off,” he said.

“I am pretty happy with how I am going at the moment - I am building up to Yunca [Junior Tour of Southland] in two weeks, so hopefully that goes just as well,” Whyte said.

In the Curtis Dunn Memorial junior race, the U13 handicap race over 16km was won by Cooper Gough, with Oskar McIvor in second place with the fastest time, and Benjie Shayler in third.

In the U15 race over 34km, Poppy McIvor took the win and fastest time, with Lachlan Kelly in second, and Finn Edwards in third. The U17 race over 34km saw Marshall Erwood put in another very impressive performance as he swept through the field from his solo start on scratch, taking the win and fastest time, out sprinting Frankie Thomson who took second, and Ruby Bath who took third.

The Memorial Race is unique in that it presents trophies named in honour of past club members, with the Murray McLeay Cup for the race win being presented to Jaxson Whyte, the Bunty Hewitt Trophy for first B grader to Alistair Burnett, the Martin Verbeek Trophy for first C grader to Brian Lippers, and the L K Wilson Challenge Cup for fastest time to Hunter Gough.

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2020 Memorial Race

Memorial Weekend PosterCurtis Dunn Memorial Race

The senior riders took on the 102km Memorial Race Classic, while the U13, U15, and U17 riders competed in the Curtis Dunn memorial.
In the U13 race, Oskar McIvor started on limit, and held off the competition all the way to the finish to take the win, ahead of George Thomson in second and Poppy McIvor (who started from scratch and set the best time) in third.
In the U15/U17 race, the scratch group of Reuben Heslip, Ronan Shearing, and Marshall Erwood overcame an 18 minute deficit to make their way to the front of the race and take out the top three placings and fastest times, with Heslip taking the win over Erwood in second and Shearing in third. As they made their way through the groups in front of them, they picked up additional riders, with U15 riders Magnus Jamieson, George Manson, and Kayne Borrie all finishing with the front group and taking the top three places in the U15 race in the process. The group also contained Caitlin Kelly and Kate Russell, who were the first two U15 girls race home, with Bella Jubb in third. Jaz McLeod was the first U17 woman home, with Ciara Kelly in second.
The 102km Memorial Race Classic was going to be a challenging event, and one requiring teamwork to make it to the finish in first place.
A strong limit bunch, including Erin Criglington, Nicola Stevens, Julia Hunt, and Eoin McKenzie, set off first, with the initial couple of groups setting off at ten minute intervals. However, it would be a day that would be fought out between limit and scratch. The scratch bunch contained Hamish Keast, Hunter Gough, Matt Zenovich, and Mitchel Fitzsimons, setting off 44 minutes after the limit group, and three minutes behind the group in front of them, which contained Neil Ungerer and Blake Tait-Jones, among others.
As the scratch group swept all in their way on the way to make the catch, the limit group worked together well, but it was a race of attrition for them as riders started dropping off, with Nicola Stevens the last to slip off the leaders, leaving the trio of Criglington, McKenzie, and Hunt heading for the line. Although scratch kept on closing the gap, and sweeping all before them, it was clear that they were going to run out of road as the remaining limit riders closed in on the finish.
Erin Criglington pipped Eoin McKenzie in the sprint to the line, with Julia Hunt just behind in third. Nicola Stevens finished about two minutes back, having maintained her pace well after being dropped by the leading trio. She narrowly held off the charging scratch group behind, with Hamish Keast coming home to take fifth on the line and set the fastest time, about three and a half minutes behind the winners, just beating Hunter Gough to the line, with Matt Zenovich and Neil Ungerer just behind, Ungerer having managed to hang with the scratch bunch his group had been swept up.
The major trophies went to Erin Criglington (Murray McLeay Cup for the winner), Gavin Mason (Bunty Hewitt Trophy for first B grader), Eoin McKenzie (Martin Verbeek Trophy for first C grader), and Hamish Keast (L K Wilson Challenge Cup for the fastest time), with Emily Paterson the fastest woman.

Overall placings - U13
1 - Oskar McIvor
2 - George Thomson
3 - Poppy McIvor
Overall placings - U15
1 - Magnus Jamieson
2 - George Manson
3 - Kayne Borrie
Overall placings - U17
1 - Reuben Heslip
2 - Marshall Erwood
3 - Ronan Shearing
U13 - Oskar McIvor
U15 - Magnus Jamieson
U17 - Reuben Heslip
Fastest time - Reuben Heslip
Overall placings
1 - Erin Criglington
2 - Eoin McKenzie
3 - Julia Hunt
4 - Nicola Stevens
5 - Hamish Keast
Special awards
Fastest male - Hamish Keast
Fastest female - Emily Paterson
Letterbox Hill 1st - Erin Criglington
Letterbox Hill 2nd - Eoin McKenzie
Gorge Road Hill 1st - Erin Criglington
Gorge Road Hill 2nd - Eoin McKenzie
Murray McLeay Cup - Erin Criglington
Bunty Hewitt Trophy - Gavin Mason
Martin Verbeek Trophy - Eoin McKenzie
L K Wilson Challenge Cup - Hamish Keast



Memorial Race - Fastest Times 1

Memorial Race - Fastest Times 2

Memorial Race - Finish Order 1

Memorial Race - Finish Order 2


2019 Memorial Race

Mike White blasts to win Memorial Race 2019

27 years after he last won the Memorial Race, Mike repeated his success with a powerful sprint to get his name on the Murray McLeay Cup again. Second was Hunter Gough followed by Brendan Akeroyd in third. Wayne Miller was fourth and received the Bunty Hewitt Trophy for being the first B Grade rider across the finish line. Fifth with another strong ride was Gene Marsh, sixth Blake Tait-Jones with Andrew Holden taking seventh and the L.K Wilson Challenge Cup for the first C Grade rider home.
The first women home was Julia Hunt who had a massive day with her co-markers Colin Horton and Wayne Murchland who only got caught in the last kilometre after riding over 100km together. Colin won both the Letterbox Hill and Gorge Road hill climbs from Wayne.
1st: Mike White
2nd: Hunter Gough
3rd: Brendan Akeroyd
4th: Wayne Miller
5th: Gene Marsh

Fastest time: Hamish Keast (2 hours 26 minutes)

First Woman: Julia Hunt

Letterbox Hill:
1st: Colin Horton
2nd: Wayne Murchland

Gorge Road Hill:
1st: Colin Horton
2nd: Wayne Murchland

Murray McLeay Cup: Mike White
Bunty Hewitt Trophy: Wayne Miller
Martin Verbeek Trophy: Andrew Holden
L.K Wilson Challenge Cup: Hamish Keast

Curtis Dunn Memorial Race

Firstly, a big thanks to Allan Dunn for supporting the race on Saturday and for the last 36 years. All the Juniors were proud to take part in such an important event. The safety message was very important and well received and something the Junior division takes seriously. Some of New Zealand’s biggest names in cycling have been on these trophies as junior winners in previous years, so big congrats to all the winners today.

1st: Reuben Heslip
2nd: Jazz McLeod
3rd: Pearl Harris-Blain

1st: Frankie Thomson
2nd: Hadley Sheehy
3rd: Oliver Borrie

1st: Finn Edwards
2nd: Ella Turnball (Timaru)
3rd: Flynn Turnball (Timaru)

Fastest time: Reuben Heslip

Thank you to all the helpers, support vehicles, road marshals and a huge thanks to Richard Mclvor for riding with the U13 and keeping them safe.


Race: 102km Handicap Race

Assembly: Kew Bowling Club, McQuarrie Street (10:30am)

Handicap: Limit riders will start at 11:00am, marks will be given on the day  

Prizegiving: Kew Bowling Club, McQuarrie Street (2:45pm approx.)

Entry Fee: $20.00

Course Map: www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/57114700

Registration: https://www.webscorer.com/register?raceid=181406


  • Martin Verbeek Trophy
  • Murray McLeay Cup
  • Bunty Hewitt Trophy
  • LK Wilson Challenge Cup

Afternoon Tea: Please bring a plate to share at the Prizegiving. It’s a great way to wrap up the season.

Memorial Race - 28 April

Invercargill cyclist Hayden Rankin took line honours in the Cycling Southland Memorial Classic on Saturday afternoon.

Raced in cool and windy conditions, the handicapped event attracted a field of 30 riders and was raced over the Invercargill-Waimahaka-Seaward Downs-Gorge Road course.  The front two bunches came together at Gorge Road on the outward leg and Kerry Russell took out the Letterbox Hill climb from Erin Criglington.  The scratch bunch, ably led by Matt Zenovich, was making steady progress in their endeavours to chase down the front groups and following the Letterbox Hill, Zenovich turned on the power to commence his solo attack.

Coming through Gorge Road on the return journey to the Invercargill finish, the front group continued to work together well with Rankin, Richard Pascoe and Gene Marsh leading the charge. Rankin took out the second hill climb at Gorge Road and into the finish line in McQuarrie Street, he held on gamely to outsprint Pascoe with Marsh and Russell filling third and fourth places respectively. Rankin’s winning time was 2 hours 53 minutes 7 seconds.

Lone scratch rider, Zenovich produced a typical powerhouse ride to take fastest time and fifth place overall in the 102km event with a time of 2 hours 32 minutes 07 seconds.

1              Hayden Rankin                  Time:     2 hours 53 minutes 07 seconds
2              Richard Pascoe                                 
3              Gene Marsh                                                      
4              Kerry Russell
5              Matt Zenovich
6              Dave Beadle

Fastest time:
Matt Zenovich                   Time:     2 hours 32 minutes 07 seconds

First Woman:
Emily Paterson                  Time:     3 hours 12 minutes 15 seconds

Murray McLeay Trophy: Hayden Rankin
Bunty Hewitt Trophy: Dave Beadle
Martin Verbeek Trophy: Kerry Russell
L.K Wilson Trophy: Matt Zenovich

Curtis Dunn Memorial Mystery Handicap Race Results

Special thanks to Allan Dunn for the support of this race for the last 35 years and a good reminder to all juniors riders to ride safe out there on the road. Some of New Zealand’s biggest names in cycling have been on these trophies as juniors winners in previous years, so big congrats to all the winners today.

Under 13 Winner - Jack McLeod
2nd - Kayne Borrie
3rd - Oliver Borrie

Under 15 Winner - Ronan Shearing
2nd - Reuben Heslip
3rd - Marshall Elwood

Under 17 Winner - Morgan Borrie
2nd - Hunter Gough
3rd - Navarh Brotherston

Fastest Time - Navarh Brotherston


Race: 102km Handicap Race

Assembly: Kew Bowling Club McQuarrie Street (11.30am)

Handicap: Limit riders will start at 12.00pm, marks will be given on the day  

Prizegiving: Kew Bowling Club, McQuarrie Street (3.45pm approx.)

Entry Fee: $20.00

Course Map: www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/57114700

Registration: Please register using our Teamer app.

Trophies: Martin Verbeek
                 Murray McLeay
                 Bunty Hewitt
                 LK Wilson Challenge Cup

Afternoon Tea: Please bring a plate to share at the Prizegiving. It’s a great way to wrap up the season.


Juniors Race - 28 April

Race: Mystery Handicap Race (per age group)

Assembly: Tisbury Hall (1.00pm)

Races: U13 – 1 Lap of Wednesday Worlds, McQuarrie St Finish

              U15 – 2 Laps of Wednesday Worlds, McQuarrie St Finish

              U17 – 3 Laps of Wednesday Worlds, McQuarrie St Finish

Prizegiving: Kew Bowling Club, McQuarrie Street (3.45pm approx.)

Trophy: Curtis Lee Dunn Memorial

Entry Fee: $10.00

Gearing: U13 – 6.00m, U15 – 6.61m, U17 – 7.00m

Course Map: www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/2007675484/

Registration: Please register using our Teamer app or commenting on the Cycling Southland Junior Division Facebook page.

Afternoon Tea: Please bring a plate to share at the Prizegiving. It’s a great way to wrap up the season.

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