Race Rules



• Riders must complete each stage to be eligible to start next stage.
• The Tour Manager reserves the right to exercise his discretion in cases of misdirection, crashes, and mechanical trouble.
• Riders must register at least 15 minutes prior to their race start time.
• Riders must ride under a current 2010 license.


• Roll out 7.93m for U19s.
• Roll out 6.61m for U17s.
• U17W may roll out the same as U19W 7.93m.
     unless there are sufficient entries to warrant separate races
• Roll out 6.00m for U15s.
• Roll out 5.60m for U13s.
• Wheels must have a min 16 spokes and not have any parts containing exotic materials (excludes U19 M / U19 W).
• Gear checks will be carried out prior to registration at the start of each day’s racing.
• Random checking may be done throughout the Tour.
• The first 6 riders across the finish line of each race must present their bikes for scrutineering and confirm their placing.


• Numbers will only be issued at tour briefing.
• Two numbers are to be worn except in ITT when one number may be worn over the centre lower back.
• One on the left-hand side and one over the right lower back pocket. An example will be shown at the briefing.


• All roads on the Tour are open.
• Riders are must take strict notice of road patrols and traffic regulations.
• Riders observed continually crossing white centre line when not making progress through the bunch or on a blind corner are liable to time penalties fines or disqualification.
• Both lanes are available for sprints at the finish if there is a bunch finish.
• Riders crossing the centre of the road on a yellow line will be disqualified.
• No earpieces are to be worn (No ipods, MP3s, communications).
• Bad language will not be tolerated.


• All stage finishes will be indicated by a chequered flag, a white line marker across the road and cones on either side of the road.
• There will be a sign displayed at 5km, 3km, 2km, 1000m and 500m before the finish.
• Primes will indicated by an orange cone with an orange flag.
• A sign 500m before the prime will indicate a warning of an upcoming prime (Sprint or KOM/QOM).
• Riders are not to cross the finish line after completing their stage. You will awarded a second (slower) finishing time.


• Under no circumstances are supporters vehicles permitted to join the race convoy.
• Supporters may pass the race convoy, and stop at a suitable location along the course to view the riders as they pass.
• Park well clear of finishing line.


Individual Time-trial Races

From the start of the race, the circuit may be used only by the riders in the race.


The same bike is required to be ridden throughout the 2010 Yunca Junior Tour

• Clip on aero bars and correctly certified Time Trial helmets will be allowed in the opening prologue for U19 riders
• Bike NZ Road and Track rules apply for U17 riders and below. Clip on aero bars allowed for U17 riders, standard bars for U15 and U13 riders.
• Carbon wheels are allowed for U19 category riders. No Fixed Wheel bikes allowed


• Each rider shall present at the enrolment checkpoint no later than 5 minutes before the time set for the riders start.
• The start shall be taken from a launching ramp where available.
• The rider shall be held and then released, not pushed, by the designated "holder".
• The time of any rider reporting late at the start shall be calculated from his scheduled starting time and he shall make a standing start from the place designated for that purpose.
• The start of any rider reporting late shall not adversely affect the start of a competitor making a start at their allotted time.
• The starter will ensure sufficient gap between such riders.

Road Racing Rules


• If one rider is caught up by another, he may neither lead nor follow in the slipstream of the rider who caught up.
• A rider, upon catching up with another shall leave a lateral gap of at least 2 metres between himself and the other rider.
• After 1 km, the rider caught up shall ride at least 25m away from the other.
• If necessary, the commissaire or assistant commissaire shall force the riders to leave
the 2 metre lateral gap and the distance of 25 metres respectively notwithstanding the penalties provided for in the Scale of Penalties.
• Riders may not help one another.
• Riders may not be given refreshments, other than that which they carry themselves.


• Following vehicles are not permitted to follow riders on the course.


• Riders may receive breakdown assistance from one of the neutral assistance cars.
• Spare wheels are to be delivered to the Neutral support vehicle designated.
• Whatever the position of a rider in the race, the rider may receive such assistance only at the rear of the bunch, on the Left shoulder of the road.
• Persons riding in vehicles shall not reach or lean out.
• While support teams will endeavour at all times to provide coverage for all riders, there may be times during the event where support is not available. It is advised that you carry a spare tube and pump.
• Ensure all wheels are clearly labelled to ensure prompt return.


• The race is run on a bonus time system. Bonus seconds of 5, 3, 2, 1, will be deducted from aggregate on all stage wins except the prologue.
• There are no time bonuses for the prologue.
• Sprint Ace and King of the Mountains points are 4, 2, and 1.


• All riders in a given bunch shall be credited with the same time when they cross the finishing line.
• Groups will be separated when there is a clear gap of 1 second between riders.
• If the final result is a draw the placing obtained in each stage shall be added and, as a last resort, the place obtained in the last stage ridden shall be taken into consideration.
• In the case of a duly noted fall, puncture or mechanical incident within 3km of the stage finish, the rider or riders involved shall be credited with the time of the rider or riders in whose company they were riding at the moment of the accident. The riders placing shall
be determined by the order in which the rider actually cross the finishing line.
• If, as the result of a fall within 3km of the stage finish, a rider cannot cross the finishing line, he shall be placed last in the stage and credited with the time of the rider or riders in whose company he was riding at the time of the accident.


The race director or commissaries may issue a general warning to all riders at the start line briefing. Once a warning is issued either as a general warning or to an individual, a further infringement will result in:
• time penalties,
• fines payable before the infringer’s licence being returned, disqualification or
• any combination of the above.

Penalties may be appealed by application in writing with the deposit of $50.00 to the Chief Judge. Appeals must be made within 15 minutes of the posting of the penalty on the official notice board.


• All licence-holders shall at all times be properly dressed and behave correctly in all circumstances, even when not racing.
• They shall refrain from any acts of violence, threats or insults or any other improper behaviour or from putting other persons in danger.
• They may not in word, gesture, writing or otherwise harm the reputation or question the honour of other licence-holders, officials, sponsors, Bike NZ, Cycling NZ, the UCI or cycling in general. The right of criticism shall be exercised in a motivated and reasonable manner and with moderation.
• All license-holders shall, in whatever capacity, participate in cycling races in a fair and sporting manner. They shall look to contributing fairly to the sporting success of the race.
• Riders shall sportingly defend their own chances.
• Any collusion or behaviour likely to falsify or detract from the interest of the competition shall be forbidden.

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