Secondary School Team Sprint

2013 Team Sprint - MixedThis year marked the second running of our Secondary School version of the Corporate Pursuit, in team sprint format. As with last year, the aim of the competition was for all competitors to experience a fun day of inter-school teams racings, enjoy a taste of competitive racing in a fun and un-daunting setting, while also, of course, vying to win the trophies on offer, this year for the Schools with the best Senior Girls, Junior Boys, Junior Girls and Mixed teams.

The competition started with a grading time trial – each team on their own against the clock, with the fastest four teams heading straight through to the ¼ finals, and the rest fighting it out in the 1st round for a place in the quarters.

Some impressive times were posted in the grading round, with the fastest four teams eventually decided:  the James Hargest Dreamers (Tom Sexton, Matt Nunn and Bradley Jenner) posting a smoking fast 59.857 for their three laps;  the Southland Girls’ High School ‘Rekkers’ (Emma Cumming, Kendall Kilpatrick and Rianna Maxwell) in a slick 1.01.818; the James Hargest Junior Boys (Jeremy Evans,  Sam Hole, and Ben Folster) with 1.04.125; and the SGHS Senior 1 (Bronwyn Graham, Lucy Timpany and Madison Duncan) with 1.04.193. These four teams earned their right to sit out a round while everyone else readied themselves for the 1st round …

So on to the 1st round we went, with the Northern Southland Extremes (Nikolai Whelan, Rachael Beer and Jack Beaumont) winning their way through to earn a race against the speedy Hargest Dreamers in the Quarter Finals; the Hargest Sweet Dreams (Hamish Beadle, Alex Doyle Franklin, Leigh Sanson) earned the right to compete in the quarter finals against the Hargest Junior Boys, the SGHS Junior 1 (Tayla Lumsden, Emma McLeod and Lucy Dawkes) pipped their older school mates in the SGHS Senior 2 team (Sheree Horne, Anna McCracken and Reeny Souness)  to earn themselves a race against the SGHS Senior 1 Team in the Quarter Finals.  The James Hargest Young Guns (Emily Paterson, Madeline Gough and Hunter Gough) also rode fantastically to match themselves up with  the SGHS Rekkers in the Quarters.

Those who lost in this first round went through to Division 3, to race for 9th – 12th in the competition.  In that competition, the SGHS Junior 2 (Brooke Hargest, Hannah Witheford and Petra Hartley)

pipped the SGHS Mavatrons (Victoria Baldwin, Madison Miller and Aly Doherty) to head through to the final against the SGHS Senior 2, who had earlier beaten the Northern Southland Flyers (Sophie Sangster, Shabin Khattri Chattri, Alan Wilson-Woodford)  in the Division 3 Semi Finals.   This saw the SGHS Mavatrons vs the Northern Southland Flyers in the 11th & 12th final, with the continually improving Flyers taking 11th place over a gutsy Mavatrons team.  Good work girls and guys!

The ¼ finals saw the Hargest Dreamers through to the Semi Finals, along with the Hargest Junior Boys, the SGHS Senior  1 and the Southland Girl’s High Rekkers.  Those knocked out in the ¼ finals went through into the Division 2 Competition, with the Northern Southland Extremes pipping first the Hargest Sweet Dreams Team, then the Hargest Young Guns (who had beaten the SGHS Junior 1) to take out the Division 2 Final and 5th overall, as well as the Mixed Teams Trophy.  Awesome stuff!  The Hargest Young Guns had a successful day, ending up 6th overall which is a great result for a young team.

 In the 7th/8th final, the SGHS Junior 1 capped off a great day to take the Junior Girls Trophy, and 7th overall, with Hargest Sweet Dreams finishing off 8th overall, a smoking last lap from Hamish Beadle not quite enough to pip the Girl’s High rockets!

Back to Division 1, and it was the Hargest Dreamers continuing their clean sweep of the day, beating the Hargest Junior Boys in the semi-finals to earn a place in the final against the SGHS Rekkers who had in turn pipped the Hargest Young Guns and then their compatriots, the SGHS Senior 1 for their place in the final.   This left the Hargest Junior Boys and the SGHS Senior 1 to fight it out for the bronze, with the Hargest Boys holding out the girls to take the win.  Some really impressive riding from some up and coming champions!2013 Team Sprint - Junior Girls

The big final of the day was here, and the overall win was to be decided between the SGHS Rekkers and the Hargest Dreamers.  It was all on with two very evenly matched teams, and the question remained as to how well everyone’s legs had coped with the tough racing in the preceding rounds. Kendall Kilpatrick and Bradley Jenner blasted their respective teams off to a flying start, it was very even after lap 1, with Rianna Maxwell and Matt Nunn taking over for Lap 2.  Coming into the final lap, it was always going to be a tough call for a very speedy Emma Cumming to take on an inform Tom Sexton, and indeed it was Sexton who rounded out the win for the Hargest Dreamers with an excellent last lap, with Cumming fighting gallantly right to the end to finish an impressive day of racing.

To round out the day, an All-Comers record attempt was made, with Hamish Beadle, Tom Sexton and Brayden Stephens posting an incredibly impressive 52.622.  A good bench mark for next year’s competition!

A huge congratulations to everyone who took part in the competition and thank you to all teachers, parents and supporters for your assistance and encouragement which helped make the day a success.  We are looking forward to making it bigger and better next year!

Finally, an enormous thank you to all the volunteers who came down to help out for the day – we couldn’t have done it without you all and your time was hugely appreciated!


Junior Girls
1 Southland Girls’ High School Junior 1 (Tayla Lumsden, Emma McLeod, Lucy Dawkes)
2 Southland Girls’ High School Junior 2 (Brooke Hargest, Hannah Witheford, Petra Hartley)

Junior Boys
1 James Hargest College Dreamers (Tom Sexton, Matt Nunn, Bradley Jenner)
2 James Hargest College Junior Boys (Ben Folster, Sam Hole, Jeremy Evans)

Senior Girls
1 Southland Girls’ High School Rekkers (Emma Cumming, Kendall Kilpatrick, Rianna Maxwell)
2 Southland Girls’ High School Senior 1 (Bronwyn Graham, Madison Duncan, Lucy Timpany)
3 Southland Girl’s High School Senior 2 (Sheree Horne, Anna McCracken, Reeny Souness)
4 Southland Girls’ High School Mavatrons  (Victoria Baldwin, Madison Miller, Aly Doherty)

Mixed Teams
1 Northern Southland Extremes Nikolai Whelan, Rachael Beer, Jack Beaumont)
2 James Hargest College Young Guns (Maddy Gough, Hunter Gough, Emily Paterson)
3 James Hargest College Sweet Dreams (Hamish Beadle, Alex Doyle Franklin, Leigh Sanson)
4 Northern Southland Flyers (Sophie Sangster, Shabin Khattri Chattri, Alan Wilson-Woodford)

1 James Hargest College Dreamers
2 Southland Girls’ High School Rekkers
3 James Hargest College Junior Boys
4 Southland  Girls’ High School Senior 1
5 Northern Southland Extremes
6 James Hargest College Young Guns
7 Southland Girls’ High School Junior 1
8 James Hargest College Sweet Dreams
9 Southland Girls’ High School Senior 2
10 Southland Girls’ High School Junior 2
11 Northern Southland Flyers
12 Southland Girls' High School Mavatrons


Sec Schools Team Sprint - Senior BoysThe idea of running a Secondary School Team Sprint Competition – along the lines of the highly successful Corporate Pursuit – is an idea that has been bandied around in Cycling Southland circles for many years. 

Finally this year, following the excitement of the Junior World Track Championships, and some incredibly impressive rides in the Roller Racing / Ultimate Ride Off competition, we got cranked up to host such a competition – and with the enormous amounts of fun had by all, coupled by colossal improvements by the new comers, and some extraordinary performances, the ball looks set to keep rolling and we hope to make the competition bigger and better next year!

Sec Schools Team Sprint Junior GirlsWith some early morning training sessions for some, steep learning curves for others, and huge amounts of merriment and happiness across the board in the month before hand, race day finally dawned (rainy and cold – a good day to be indoors!), and the 17 Secondary School teams, from as far afield as Queenstown, Lumsden and Riverton, nervously awaited their turn to set their best time in the seeding Time Trial.

Fantastically, all teams rose to the occasion to set a personal best in this first round, with some smoking hot times in the mix– most notably the James Hargest A Team recording a 55.66 in the Boys Grade and the Southland Girls’ High School Junior 2, recording a 1:02:61 in the Girls Grade.  The scene was set for some fantastic show downs in the second round.

Secondary Schools Team Sprint Junior Boys

After a short break, we headed straight into the round robin competition and the continued improvements, despite the accumulating fatigue, is a good advertisement for the power of team work and competitiveness!

While Aurora cleaned up the mixed competition, James Hargest were all over the Boys Division 1 competition, coming in first and second with their “A Team” and “Dream Team” respectively, to take the Senior Boys Title, while Southland Boys’ High Schools “Crank it” took out third overall, ahead of the James Hargest Warriors, taking out the Junior Boys Title in the process.

In the Division 2, Southland Boys’ High School “Grizzlies” took the win ahead of Wakatipu 2, with the Aparima “Easy Riders” heading off Wakatipu 1 for seventh place, ahead of Northern Southland College’s “Go Hard” in ninth.

Sec Schools Team Pursuit Senior Girls

The Girls Competition was dominated by Dave Beadle’s Southland Girls’ High School Teams. The speedy Southland Girls’ Junior 2 finish the day unbeaten to claim the overall win and the Junior Girls Prize, ahead of Southland Girls’ High School Junior 4.

Southland Girls’ High School Senior 1 took out the Senior Competition ahead of Aparima Colleges “Wagon Wheels”.  It was absolutely awesome to have so many out of town teams as part of the competition and we hope to have everyone back next year with more teams to boot!

A great big massive thank you to everyone who helped out on the day – hugely appreciated! Thank you to parents and teachers who supported your childen / students to attend the competition and the training sessions before hand.  We can’t wait for next year already!!

Full Results:

Secondary School Team Sprint MixedSenior Boys:

1 James Hargest A Team (Anton O’Connell, Scott Anderson, Joe Archer, Brayden Wharepouri)

2 James Hargest Dream Team (Jeremy Presbury, Guy Redpath, Ben McLeod, Josh Price)

3 Southland Boy’s High School Grizzlies (Josh van den Arend, Hamish Matheson, Daniel
Kennard, Chris Withers)

4 Wakatipu High School 2 (Callum Burns, Lukie McQuaig, Bailey Peroux)

5 Aparima College Easy Riders (Aron Young, Harley Harris–McRae, Daniel Watson, Sam Logie)

Junior Boys

1 Southland Boys’ High School Crank It (Hayden Strong, Ezrom Goodsir, Sam Colder, Bradley Knipe)

2 James Hargest College Warriors ( Caleb Hope, Tom Sexton, Jack Pedlar, Matt Nunn)

3 Wakatipu High School 1 (Jacob Flanagan, Nick Foley, Dylan O’Connor)

4 Northern Southland College Go Hard (Dylan Moore, Dylan Reed, Jack Beaumont, Nikolai Whelan)

Mixed Teams

1 Aurora College Aurora Lights (Dylan Bragg, Caleb Hollis, Tegan Oakley, Taine Kelland)

Senior Girls

1 Southland Girls’ High School Senior 1 (Ella Wilkins, Brooke Brazier, Ilanda Forbes)

2 Aparima College Wagon Wheels (Christine Grove, Leah Thompson, Devon Winders, Hannah Wilson)

Junior Girls

1 Southland Girls’ High School Junior 2 (Alex Bodle, Laura Moffat, Emma Cumming, Lucy Timpany)

2 Southland Girls’ High School Junior 4 (Madison Miller, Emma McLeay, Makayla Smith)

3 Southland Girls’ High School Junior 3 (Sheree Horne, Gabbi McLeay, Brooke Hargest)

4 Southland Girls’ High School Junior 1 (Emma McLeod, Ellie Dowling, Tayla Lumsden)

5 Northern Southland College Rumble (Schnece Duncan, Racheal Beer, Claudia Orchard)

Come and pit yourself against other Southland Schools in a three-up team competition on the Stadium Southland Velodrome!!   


September 30 2012 


A Team Sprint pits two teams of three riders against the clock and each other (on opposite sides of the track) over three laps of the track. The starting rider brings the team up to speed as quickly as possible with the other two team members following behind them.  After 1 lap the first rider swings up and allows the next rider to set the pace.  With two riders left on the track, the 2nd rider completes a lap as fast as possible before peeling off to leave the last rider to complete the final lap.  

The competition will run in a round robin format over the course of the day, with a training / build up held over the month before hand.

Check out Cycling Southland's own Matt Archibald (riding first) and Eddie Dawkins (riding second) with Simon van Velthooven riding for New Zealand in the Team Sprint at the Beijing World Cup earlier in 2012. This is how you do it

NZ's Team SprintersWho? 

Two age grades: 

1) Years 9 -10 

2) Years 11-13 

Within these age grades we will run a girl's competition, a boy's competition and a mixed competition.  


The build-up will start following Junior Worlds on 22-26 August.  Each squad of four riders will have access to one training session per week in the four weeks prior to competition day, from 7am-8am or 8am-9am on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, or at an arranged time during the day depending on velodrome bookings. 

We are looking to Cycling Southland club members who are students in your school to take on the challenge / responsibility of coaching their team (spreading themselves out amongst more inexperienced riders to make up teams, with no more than 1 Southland representative from the last 12 months in each team).  Alternatively we will organise one of our club members to coach.

Club bikes will be used (on an 81” gear) and helmets are available if required.

While we are spreading out our club members and Southland representatives across different teams, we are also encouraging schools to put together their fastest team for the Schools All Comers Record attempt at the end of competition day.  This is a chance for all the representative riders at your school to ride together and try to set the fastest time for the day!


Because it’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself, have a go on a World Class facility with access to experienced riders/coaches, a chance to pit your school against other Southland Schools in a fantastic school competition, give yourself the opportunity to become a Cycling Southland club member and the chance to compete in in further events at a club, national or international level, provide fantastic cross training opportunities for other sports, give club members at your school to a chance help up-skill other students and pass on their knowledge / take on the challenge of coaching….and most of all, it will be a whole lot of fun!


The cost to enter will be $100 per team ($25 per team member)

This will cover the four training sessions / hire of the facility, use of the club track bikes and helmets and competition day itself.  Please note, actual track hire alone would cost $250 per team, but we are subsidising costs, in partnership with Stadium Southland to ensure costs are not a barrier to entering.


Entries open on 16 July 2012 - Fill in the entry form and send into the Cycling Southland Office, 22 Surrey Park Road, Invercargill 9840 – Entries Close August 10th. 

Secondary School Team Sprint Entry Form


P: 03 2173215

Rules of the 2012 Secondary Schools Team Sprint Competition

1. Entries will only be accepted via the official entry form, no later than 5pm Friday 10 August 2012 

2. Successful entries will then be invoiced with full payment due immediately.

3. There are limited places available. There will be a maximum of 32 teams.

4. Riders must be students of the school team  they are competing in 

5. Three members will compete in each race.

6. A team is made up of up to four riders.  

7. Teams can change the order of their combination for each round.

8. Riders will use Cycling Southland club track bikes and approved safety helmets.

9. No aero helmets are allowed

10. The only adjustment that is to be made on the club track bikes is the seat height.  No other adjustments shall be made to the club bikes.  NO wheel or pedal changes.  Time penalties will be imposed on any team breaching these rules.

11. Teams must attend the four organised training sessions on the Velodrome.

12. The coach and team representative are required to attend the information evening on Thursday 27th September at 7pm in the Sarah Ulmer Lounge above the track at the Velodrome. A demonstration of the race and allocation of training times will be part of this evening.

13. Competitors take part at their own risk.

14. Restricted gearing.  This will equate to a roll out of 6.3 meters (51x17, 48x16, 42x14, 39x13)

15. No disc wheels are permitted.

16. No full carbon wheels are permitted.

17. All concerns of competitors or support crew must be addressed to the coach of their team who may choose then to address these to the event managers.

18. Teams are to follow the instructions of officials and coaches.

19. Riders who have represented their Centre or country at any national or international track cycling competitions over the past 12 months should be spread amongst teams from their school, at the discretion of the organisers, and act as coaches for their team but will be able to be compete together in the all-comers record race at the end of the round robin competition.

20. The organisers reserve the right to amend team entries which are deemed to be not in the true spirit of the competition.

21. Competitors are to wear the race numbers allocated to them by the organisers.

22. All-comers record teams race under the same rules as per the team sprint

23. Refunds of entry fees due to cancellation will be at the discretion of the organisers

24. We agree that organisers and sponsors of this event may use any information given to the organisers for purposes connected with the event and to provide us with details of other products, services and events.

25. We agree to allow any photographic, film or audio likeness to be used by the organisers, sponsors and/or assignees at no cost.

26. We will not hold organisers, officials, sponsors and/or any person involved with the event liable for any loss or injury to person or equipment.

Any other items arising will be dealt with at the discretion of the organising committee.


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