Wednesday Worlds

Wednesday Worlds
Wednesday Worlds is on a holiday break and will return in 2021 - keep an eye on the website and social media for updates!


9 December
A grade: J Burnett, C Shearing, R Huisman
B grade: N Familton, S Keast, A Holden
C grade: D Haggerty, M Dobson, W McEwan
D grade: F Thomson, K Russell, G Thomson

25 November
A grade: H Keast, J Burnett, M Zenovich
B grade: M White, N Familton, J Jubb
C grade: K Borrie, C Clark, N Stevens
D grade: J McLeod, F Thomson, C Kelly

18 November
A grade: R Heslip, H Keast, M Borrie
B grade: N Familton, A Sinclair, T Kerr
C grade: C Clark, M Manson, J McLeod
D grade: G Manson, F Edwards, C Kelly

11 November
A grade: C Shearing, R Heslip, R Shearing
B grade: J van den Arend, J Jubb, N Familton
C grade: M Dobson, K Borrie, D Haggerty
D grade: F Edwards, F Thomson, J McLeod

28 October
A grade: C Strong, N Ungerer, M Zenovich
B grade: N Familton, A Holden, T Kerr
C grade: D Haggerty, M Dobson, C Clark
D grade: F Edwards, J McLeod, C Kelly

21 October
A grade: J Haggerty, H Gough, M Borrie
B grade: M Erwood, J Wilson, A Strong
C grade: K Borrie, E Griffiths, C Clark
D grade: F Edwards, J McLeod, K Russell


Virtual Racing on Zwift
Cycling Southland Wednesday Worlds p/b GreenMonkey is now an official Zwift event - thank you to Daniel Carruthers of GreenMonkey for his invaluable contribution when it came to making this happen. For more information on the event, click here, and enter via the Zwift Companion app. Racing on Wednesday evening, 6:30pm, with A, B, and C grades.


Cycling in Soutlhand has a long and rich history, and key to building on this legacy are our road Classics:
Gore to Invercargill
Gore to Waikiwi
Memorial Race

Click on image for preliminary summer road race calendar


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