SIT Zero Fees Velodrome Rider Etiquette Guidelines

Cycling Southland has a responsibility to mitigate any issues that may compromise safety. This is a list of modified velodrome conditions that all track users are required to adopt and encourage others to adhere to. They have been introduced following some recent incidents.  

  • Do not use rollers on the grey safety zone to warm up. Moving three racks of bikes to the tunnel has created limited space in the ‘D’ for this purpose.
  • The two racks of bikes in the ‘D’ can only be moved into the tunnel on race nights.
  • Wait until the previous session has finished before entering the grey safety zone – even if it’s to place your bike on the rail.
  • If you use a club bike, return it to the right slot – all bikes are numbered and have a home. They do not go on the tunnel rail.
  • If you use a roller, return it to where you got it from. Do not ever leave them in the grey safety zone. We are working on frames to hang them in the tunnel beside the bikes.
  • Hang your bike by its handlebars on the rail when not in use, to prevent them falling over.
  • In sessions where there are large numbers of riders participating, such as Tuesday Club Night Racing, warm-up times on the track will be allocated per age groups. Riders will adhere to the respective time allocations.
  • Do not play music while waiting in the ‘D’.
  • Be mindful of your language and behaviour.
  • If you open the door of the lock-up, shut it once you have got your bike.
  • Any coach who has had the motorbike used in a session must ensure it is returned to its spot in the tunnel once finished.
  • Riders going on to the track use the back straight (under the big screen).
  • Please ensure that the ‘D’ is left in a tidy condition and use the rubbish bins. Ensure your personal gear is confined to a small area. Be considerate of other venue users.
  • If the lights need to be turned on contact the stadium or call 2199 310.
  • There is a first aid kit located in the large plastic box at the top of the ramp. Additional first aid items are available in the office (when open). The stadium also has a first aid kit and a first aider on duty.
  • All accidents involving injury must be reported to the office. If a rider is taken to hospital, Mark (General Manager) must be notified immediately (021 2569 154).
  • If a club bike is broken, please fill out a repair tag (found at the top of the tunnel) and put the bike in the workshop (lock-up). Keep the rail clear at all times.
  • Coaches are asked to educate and remind riders of the purpose of the blue mid-line on the track.  The “slow rider’s line” (as it is referred to) allows riders warming up at a slower pace to do so without compromising riders who may be doing “efforts” and vice versa. 
    In warm-ups, slow riders are requested to ride above the blue line with riders doing efforts riding below the line. In some sessions, this procedure may be reversed by the coach to allow new riders to come on to the track, such as Track Start.  In this case, the train will be asked to ride above the blue line.


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