Updated 4/2/14

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

7-8am track sessions for  those in Nationals Squad  (not held every week)  

Otherwise:  2 hour road ride including warm up, then 8 x 2 min v02 intervals (high intensity, high cadence), sprinting last 5 seconds of each effort.  4 minutes between efforts.  Then warm down.

Gym session in morning at World Gym

Senior Track Racing for 2nd year U17's from 7-9pm.

Otherwise 1 hour road ride with 10 x 6 second sprints.  A couple minutes between each.

Rest Day


or Wednesday Worlds


U17 Squad 4-6pm (for those in Nationals Squad)

Otherwise 1 hours tempo ride.

 Junior Track Racing 6-8pm 


Saturday Road Race - see weekly schedule for this weeks race!

Cruisy Recovery Road Ride.


This programme is designed to build up to Track Nationals in March 2014

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