Community Pride, integrity, enjoyable, family orientated, healthy lifestyles, committed and hard working, dedicated teamwork, self-esteem, leadership, quality, supportive, partnerships, professional approach, progressive, fair play

Cycling Southland will provide quality opportunities for increased participation at all levels in cycling, encouraging high quality events and competitions, and promoting regular and timely information to develop high quality and professional partnerships.

Cycling Southland will encourage enjoyment, fun and fair play, innovation and excitement in a safe environment, while continuing to exceed the needs of all who participate in cycling.

Cycling Southland staff and volunteers will be committed to ensuring the progressive future of all cycling in Southland, working in a supportive team environment with integrity, pride and passion. Training opportunities are to be identified and encouraged to allow all athletes, coaches, commissaries and administrators to develop and reach their potential.

Cycling Southland aims to be the most progressive cycling Centre in New Zealand and the South Island headquarters for track cycling.

Cycling Southland will continue to foster elite performances in all cycling codes while maintaining the Premier road cycling Tour in New Zealand.

Cycling Southland will continue to develop working developments within the community and develop reporting and financial structures which will ensure a consistent financial base and stability for cycling in Southland.


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