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Entries close Friday September 30, 2011

A race briefing will be held in the Sarah Ulmer Lounge at Stadium Southland on Friday 14th October at 9am.

ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY unless prior arrangements are made.

All riders (including international riders) require their bike licenses at the briefing

Gearing as follows:
U19M/W and U17W=7.93m*  
U15 B/G=6.00m
U13 B/G=5.60m

*If there are sufficient U17W riders to have their own race the gearing will be 6.61m for U17W

There will be separate races for every category where the organizers deem the entries in that category are sufficient. All age groups will compete for category jerseys (Tour Winner, Sprint Ace and King/Queen of the Mountain)

Race Entry Conditions:

1. Entries will only be accepted via the online form above and must be submitted by 30 September 2011.
2. No entries will be processed until payment has been confirmed with the entry.
3. Entries will not be accepted by telephone.
4. Riders withdrawing after the commencement of the event must advise the Chief Commissaire.
5. Racing is conducted under BikeNZ R+T rules except as stated otherwise.

Tour Information:

For all categories this is a five stage tour. Please find below details of the 2011 Tour route

  U19M U19/U17W U17M U15M/W U13B/G Map
Prologue - Teretonga TT 2.6km 2.6km 2.6km 2.6km 2.6km download
Stage 2 - Teretonga Kermise 15.6km 10.4km 13km 7.8km 5.2km download
Stage 3 - Beast of the East 75km 50km 50km 25km 12.5km download
Stage 4 - New Vale Circuit 68km 51km 51km 34km 17km download
Stage 5 - Inner City Criterium 30min+3 laps 20min+3 laps 20min+3 laps 15min+3 laps 10min+3 laps download
Stage 6 - Mabel Bush-Springhills 3 laps 2 laps 2 laps 1 lap Half lap download

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