Junior road racing training programme

The Yunca Junior Tour of Southland is the premiere road racing event for junior riders, with entries coming from around New Zealand. To prepare for the event, it pays to start training now. SIT Southern Performance coach Sid Cumming and Cycling Southland coach Fergus Canny have prepared this programme for youngsters looking to get on the road throughout winter and into spring. If you've got any questions get in touch with Sid: 027 241 7443 or sid.cumming@cyclingnewzealand.nz or Fergus: acanny@slingshot.co.nz.

Download a copy here

    Under 13   Under 15   Under 17
Monday   Free Day   Track 4pm-5pm   Time Trial Ride: 5min easy, 4min fast, 5min easy x 4 reps
Tuesday   Track 4pm-5pm
Racing every second week 6pm-8pm
  Intervals: 20-30km 6 marker posts fast then 4 easy x 5
Racing 6pm-8pm every second week 
  Intervals 35-50km 2min easy, 2min fast, x 5 reps 
Racing 6pm-8pm every second week
Wednesday   Medium Ride: 20-25km steady pace 25-28kmh   Medium Ride: 25-35km steady pace 27-29kmh   Medium Ride: 30-40km steady pace 28-30kmh
Thursday   Time Trial Ride: 5min easy, 4 min fast, 5min easy x 2 reps   Time Trial Ride: 5min easy, 4min fast, 5min easy x 3 reps   Track 4-5pm
Friday   Free Day   Free Day   Free Day
Saturday   Road Race   Road Race   Road Race
Sunday   Long Ride; 30-35km 24-27kmh pace   Long Ride 35-45km 26-28kmh pace   Long Ride 60-80km 27-29kmh pace
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