Date: Monday, 14 December 2015

Southland Selectors have named the following Squads for the 2016 National Cycling Champs.

Squad means you are selected, Development means good training and attendance will result in being named in final selections.

The North Island Elite riders will be named in the New Year.

Elite Men

Squad: Josh Haggerty-Fabian Wybrow

Elite Women

Squad: Makayla Smith

Under 19 Men

Squad: Hamish Beadle-Bradly Knipe-Sam Miller-Mitchell Morris-Jack Pedler-Tom Sexton-Magnus Tuxen Rosing

Development:  Kain Bowles-Brayden Holland-Hayden Strong-Ty Wilson

Under 19 Women

Squad:  Ellesse Andrews-Emma Cumming-Nicole Shields

Development:  Rhiannon Brown-Emma Mcleod

Under 17 Boys

Squad:  Hamish Keast-Jamie McIntyre-Nepia Ruwhiu-Corbin Strong-Ewan Syme

Development: Dylan Holland-Bradley Jenner

Under 17 Girls

Squad:  Lucy Dawkes-Maddy Gough-Tayla Lumsden-Nicole Marshall- Camryn Akeroyd

Emily Paterson

Development: Helena Rikiti

Under 15 Boys

Squad: Hunter Gough-Josh Miller-Jake Willis

Development:  Sam Clark-Josh Meulenbroek-Quinn Naylor-Cody Harvey

Hamish Turnbull-Morgan Borrie

Under 15 Girls

Squad:  Rhylee Akeroyd-Jenny Brown-Natalie and Tyla Green

Development:  Emma Capil-Ally McLeod

Masters Men

Squad: Brendan Akeroyd-Andrew Lienert-Brett Roulston-Derek Tan

Mike White-Jon Andrews-Wally Kopae-Roger Nicholas-Neil Familton-Peter Grandiek-Ray Robinson-Bruce Jones

Development:  Nick Barclay-Craig Sadlier-John Scott

Masters Women

Squad:  Leanne Dalley-Kylea Gough-Kara Roderick Wandless-Sonya Barton

Erin Criglington-Sam Kopae-Nicola Stevens

Development:  Lynn Grace-Kerry Cox


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